Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm so excited to share the project that Brian started last weekend and finished up yesterday!

When we bought our kitchen cabinets from IKEA, we actually purchased a different size for above the refrigerator than what we actually installed. This is probably better explained with photos...

You see the gap, of course you do, there's no way around it! You may notice that the cabinets to the left (the upper cabinets in the photo below) are slightly taller, and the original intent was to have 4 of those going across, to make up for the space above the fridge, but then we realized the refrigerator was too tall, and it would have involved adding a 6" base to these cabinets, rather than a 4" base like the rest of the kitchen, thereby raising all the cabinets on this particular wall. Which would have been fine, but with the desk space, we didn't want the cabinets too far out of reach, so we switched out the cabinets above the refrigerator.

So, we  bought the smaller size and figured it would be a place that we could stash stuff. What we didn't count on was the interior (& thereby the sides) of the cabinets are birch, so it stands out like a sore thumb! We decided to put a piece of trim up there to close it in, but before we nailed it in, we tried it out for a while, and it seemed noticeably after-the-fact, as seen in the photo below. This is mainly because the cabinets are not pure white, they are more of a white-wash, so you can see the grain of the wood.

This is when Brian got to sketching and designed us a custom wine rack! YAY!

Then he drew it in CAD...

Then he built it!

Progress photos...


He painted it multiple times before and after putting the top, which eventually became the bottom, on. I'm skipping over lots of aligning, sanding, gap filling, re-sanding, painting, re-sanding, and painting. But he will have to write more on that. Let's just say that a lot of work went into this project!

So enough about the back story, let's get to the before & after shots!

This makes me SO happy. I smile every time I walk by it! And, clearly, we need more wine in this house!

So for the cost of the wood, we have a custom-built wine cabinet, and the ugly, gaping hole of shame is gone!


  1. my 2c: spent $20 on wood: 1x4's for the dividers & back; 1x12 for the top & bottom (simple whitewood, nothing fancy) and $10 on paint. as simple as this little project looks, i have a new respect for custom cabinet makers; getting all the joints & finish exactly right is harder than it seems! so please don't look too closely at this wine shelf & judge me on the imperfections - just imbibe and enjoy.

  2. With all the money you saved by doing it yourself, and what a great job, you can buy more wine::)) Chris

  3. Y'all are awesome!!! It looks great! One day, we will envision something, sketch it, and then build it. Actually, wait, that would never happen. ...way to go!