Sunday, July 24, 2011


Since I've been writing about vacation all week, I figured I'd slip in a new subject. I went to my friend Jen's wedding shower yesterday, and the 'theme' was to bring a gift for entertaining... "gifts of glassware, games, or a disc of party tunes". The bridesmaids who hosted also asked that you "bring your favorite marinade or rub to fill a flavoring basket". 

Since we had gotten them an engagement present, and I plan to get them a wedding present, I figured something small was appropriate. Their Target registry included a set of Beatles pint glasses, which I thought would be perfect, since we share a mutual love of music. As most of you probably know, I love to wrap gifts about as much as I love to give them, and this was no different! 

When I got to the store and saw the box they came in, it was perfect! The shape of a boombox to go with the music theme! So I bought some black wrapping paper and a silver sharpie and set to work. It of course took me a few tries, but by the end I was pleased with my creation. I made a fake handle to tie my bow to.

To go even further, I looked up Beatles lyrics to see if they had any songs about beer, since these are pint glasses, but alas, the Beatles must not have drank beer. They did however sing a fair amount of songs about tea & honey... so there was my "marinade". Turns out that Jen likes honey in her tea, so score! I dropped a small jar of honey into one of the glasses before I wrapped the box.

I ended up making a 'disc of party tunes', that included all of the songs that the Beatles recorded that mention tea or honey! 

On the front of the card/cd holder, I had the signature Beatles in silhouette crossing the street from their Abbey Road album cover, since they are 'blacked out' I had George carrying a boombox! Then the name for the album "Honey for your Tea for your Honey", with the songs listed below. Inside, the message read: 
The Fab Four didn’t fancy beer, you see
but rather enjoyed their honey and tea!
So here’s a compilation
About that combination,
And if you’d like to have a beer…
Then just call me!

On the back, I did another symbol with the 'fake' album name, and added a bee to the center. And added our logo of course!

It seemed to be a big hit. Here's the final product:

The shower was a lot of fun, and once again I overstayed my welcome! Had to have Brian come retrieve me.

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