Thursday, July 7, 2011


First off, today has been a great day. One in which something happened that has never happened before, and is likely to never happen again. Today on my lunch break, I decided to go antiquing... I must admit that I was inspired by a video I saw this morning, and took that energy with me as I searched for 2 things. 

1. plant stand - since our recent potting of pups, we needed something for the pots to sit on, and what better place than a plant stand!

2. quilt rack - I've become a little fascinated with the idea of displaying the many blankets that I've been given or had passed down to me over the years, and the guest bedroom style lends itself to the beauty of a genuine quilt rack. 

When we were last at Penfield, and we went antiquing in Greene County, we saw several quilt racks that were used for displays, but weren't for sale. This is where I fell in love. In one of the stores though, they also displayed quilts on old ladders, which I also thought was cool. So we searched the barn at Penfield and came across one that would be perfect, but unfortunately we were in the MINI. Ladder + MINI = not good. So we left the ladder for a future visit, when we have a larger car to transport it. Unless of course, I found a real quilt rack!

And there is where I set off on my adventure of searching for these two items. Can I please start by saying that I NEVER find what I'm looking for, when I am actually looking for something specific. Therefore, I did not expect to find either, but was willing to try. I started at a little shop on Maybank called Attic Treasures, followed by another that happens to be across the street, but I won't name names, since this post clearly goes in favor of the first store!

I walk in and am greeted by the sweet lady who runs the shop and her golden retriever, Ginger. There was a cute plant stand at the front door, but she said it was not for sale, so I asked if she had any others, and she replied that she did not think so, but that maybe I could find something to re-purpose. I also asked about quilt racks, to which she again replied 'no'. Of course. I decided to peruse the store regardless, since it's one of those places where you never know what you'll find. Booths with stuff stacked to the ceiling, as well as those that are made to look like a living room. Layers upon layers of items that you never know what might be behind the next thing. There's a warehouse type space in the back where most of the previous description occurs. So I set off to the back in search of my items, since even she admitted that there's really no telling what's back there! 

It started off pretty slow. I found some plate holders and mirrors that I thought could be interesting. Brian had several small plates hanging in his previous house, and it would be nice to display them again (when we find them in the many boxes we still have left to unpack), and the antique display racks were quite charming.

There was also this lovely tiered table for $22 that could be fun to paint a vibrant color, or even leave as is. I actually even considered this for my plant stand. 

And then, the very last booth I entered, the heaven's parted and there they stood, up on a shelf, sitting right next to one another... a quilt rack & a plant stand! Oh my word. This is a first ladies and gentlemen. 

Immediately I'm taking things off the shelves, quickly revealing that my findings are true, and there is a price tag on the quilt rack, so it is definitely for sale, but wait, there's no price tag on the plant stand. Off to find someone who can help me... only to discover that this is a space they rent to someone and they'll have to call her about the price. Sad. Turns out that the quilt rack was $45, and I wasn't convinced that I wanted to spend that for it. I stood in the booth, waiting on the return of the sales clerk, and I found another little item, this lovely mirror/candle holder for $7.50. Very unique and fun, so at the very least I would be leaving with that. 

I finished looking around and went to check out with my little mirror, and the woman tried to call the lady about the plant stand, only to find that the phone number she had was wrong. Sad again. I'm all like "well what now?", and she says "how about $18?", and I'm like YEAH!!!, as I'm doing a little jig in my head. I couldn't bust out my mad dance skills right there in the store! 

This is where the story takes an interesting turn. I head across the street to the store where I've purchased several things before, really to see how good of a deal that I got on my plant stand, and to see if they had any comparable quilt racks. Um, I got a really good deal on my plant stand by the way. And as for the quilt racks... they had a few. A few that were a few hundred dollars a piece! I won't spend a whole lot of time on the rest of my browsing at this particular store, except to say that I really want a coat rack now. But those are unbelievably expensive too. So I hightailed it back to Attic Treasures, and scooped up the quilt rack! They were so funny when I walked back in. They were surprised to see me so soon, in a not-so-surprised sort of way it seemed. Eager to help me, the guy even helped me carry my stuff to the car this time. He was so funny, as he's in a 'beach music' band and was pushing for me to hire him for my next party. I hated to break his heart, but I'm not throwing many beach bashes at the moment. He gave me his card, so maybe someday there will be an event that could use his services!

I also got into my head, while in the other store, that I should look for a low bench or ottoman or something for our front porch, since every time I'm out there, I really want to put my feet up. They had all of these old trunks that would have been just the right height, but they too were EXTREMELY expensive. I had no idea. So I thought, well when I go back to my new-favorite-store to pick up my uber-affordable quilt rack, I'll check out their antique trunks. More on that later. 

Can't wait to show you the changes on the front porch! By the time I got home, after a trip to Lowe's & Goodwill. It was already too dark to photograph my progress. Although, Brian and I did enjoy a nice glass of wine on the porch... with our feet up. ;)

Just a teaser though... while at Goodwill, I found this really tacky owl. You know ceramic, and brown. Looked a lot like, well an owl. And he was sitting on a stack of books for some reason. But the thought popped in my head of all the cool things that Sherry from Young House Love spray paints, and that's exactly what I did! After of course paying 99¢ for a really tacky owl! I really, really, really wish that I had taken a 'before' picture, but alas, I typed 'ceramic owl on books' into Google, and there he was. So here he is.

Tacky, right? Well, check him out with some white spray paint... 

Cool, huh? He's not actually finished, since the first coat is still drying, but he's well on his way to being a cool new decoration for our brand new front porch!
I threw in a picture for scale. Here he is with Brian's MINI...

Ha! Just kidding. Here he is with an actual Coke can. 
See you tomorrow when I unveil the new porch!


  1. MY FAV! I'll go ahead and put the name out there: Terrace Oaks has nothing on Attic Treasures. Good finds!

  2. Well, there you have it... thanks, MM!

  3. I love the white owl. Perfect. Oh by the way I found a new glass bottom for the sugar dispenser
    Love Carol

  4. darlin'... the owl is perched on books because he (or she) is wise, of course ... i thought you knew