Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Some of you may remember that I won an office chair from a local furniture distributor here in town a while back? I explain it in the linked post, but long story short, they hosted our office for a party, and we were given the task to design a chair out of the materials they provided, like playdoh and wire and such. Then we all voted anonymously and I won! So they gave me a Generation chair that I got to choose the colors and fabric for. You've probably seen it in photos, or if you are like my dad, you've sat in it once or twice. 

Well a few months later, we were invited to CBI's annual holiday party, which is always a fun time. All the local designers come out for cocktails and hor d'oeuvres. And they happened to have a drawing for an iPad and another Generation chair. Unfortunately I didn't win the iPad, but lo' and behold I won another Generation Chair! Out of the 100+ people there, what are the chances of me winning my second Generation Chair? They were as astonished as I was, since they knew I already had one, and who needs two office chairs, right? So they drew another name, much to my dismay. But, the good folks over at CBI wouldn't send me away empty handed. They approached me after the fact and offered to come up with something that would suffice. 

I realize that it is July, and this all happened back at Christmas, but that's how long I've been emailing and teasing back and forth with them about wanting to collect my prize! So today, they took us to lunch, and we are the proud owners of the two rust-colored Risom side chairs that have been sitting in there storefront for the past few years. SCORE!! Way better than the Generation chair (or the iPad for that matter) they were giving away! If you don't know the Risom chair, here it is...

The history of the chair was that it was designed by Danish designer Jens Risom of materials that were readily available during WWII, birch and parachute straps. Using these simple materials, he created one of the first pieces of furniture distributed by the Knoll brand. Knoll still produces the chair today, after 70 years! 

Here's where it gets fun! I should really be studying, but instead I'm staging where the chairs should go!! I need your help. If I put them on either side of the Dining Room window like I originally expected to do, which direction should they face??


By the way, how much are you loving that crazy bouquet of flowers on the table?! Reminds me of Animal from the muppets!


Can I just say that I love how the chair picks up the colors in the dining room light fixture, as well as the wood floors? And it really pops against the grey walls!

side profile

front profile

Or in a completely different direction, the Living Room? Where there is already ample furniture! I was just so happy that the rust in the Risom matched the pillows on the couch (perfectly).

So thanks again to Natalie and Karla over at Carolina Business Interiors! We enjoyed lunch at our favorite lunch-spot FISH, and love having the new chairs in our house! I'm leaning towards the inward facing (facing each other), Dining Room configuration. Any opposition? Are you digging how I threw in a bunch of '-tion' words there towards the end?


  1. I really like the chairs. I prefer their backs to dining room window wall - that should eliminate that configura[tion].
    Love Dad

  2. Except I had already decided on the other way, so it had nothing to do with you (this time)! I like your use of []... very funny!