Saturday, July 9, 2011


I was going to post about my new quilt rack, but the festivities from last night were much more entertaining and interesting. So I thought I'd give it a rest for a day, and share some fun that was had! You see, we had our dear friends, Jeff & Katie and Billy & Ashley over to play games last night, which started out innocently enough. We played a game called Bananagrams, like Boggle + Scrabble. You basically take 15 letters (face down so you don't know what you are getting) and you play scrabble with yourself, out of the jumble of letters you have. But it's a timed game, so you are trying to do it faster than everyone else. Although even when you finish with your letters, you have to keep playing until all the letters in the general pool are gone, and the whole time people are yelling SPLIT, PEEL or DUMP, which is way too complicated to explain in this post. Just a head's up that it is super-fun!

 By the way, it NEVER works out like the photo above shows. It is definitely hard, and I suggest keeping a clear head about you.

After about 5 or more rounds of this, we then moved on to Telestrations, which is one of my favorites. This is like the game Telephone (or Gossip in some circles), but instead of whispering in each others ear around a circle, you sketch. You start with a secret word, and then you sketch it, you then pass to the next person, you then get your neighbors sketch, by which you have to guess what they drew, then pass, then sketch what your neighbor wrote for the previous sketch they had. Complicated I know, but easy when you are doing it. Basically, it alternates between sketching and guessing. It gets kinda wacky, especially with beer involved.

Here is the most hilarious sample from the evening...

[Jeff] Mother nature. How should I draw that? Maybe a mother and Earth.

[Jeff's drawing to which Katie responds] Of course! It's Motherland!

[Jennifer] Ah, I'll draw a mother and America (the 'land' that I love)


[Jennifer's drawing and Brian responds] Well, clearly it's a baby, and the Southern part of the US!

[Billy] A Southern baby... maybe I'll draw a Confederate flag and a baby. Yeah, that should work!

[Billy's drawing, Ashley's interpretation:] A Confederate daughter, of course!

And there you have it, you see that folks? That's how you go from Mother Nature to Confederate Daughters...

Amazing that 'piggy back' made it all the way around the circle (those drawings were too explicit to show, except for Ashley's pig + arrows pointing to a back). However 'beach' & 'koozie' turned into 'comb' & 'recycle' respectively. Wow, entertainment for hours!

Have you played any fun or challenging games lately?

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