Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday, Brian and I went to Kickin' Chicken out on Folly Road for lunch, and since we were out that way decided we'd 'stop by' PetHelpers. Three hours later, with the cat hair to prove it, we left with 2 kittens!

Meet the newest additions to our family...

We haven't officially named them yet... they were 'Dot' and 'Trenton' at the shelter. We are thinking Rudy & Theo (Huxtable that is!)... although this is still up for debate.

The small black cat is the female, and she is about 10 weeks old. She is the curious one of the two. Very nosey, and very friendly.

The grey tabby is male and about 4 months old. He hasn't quite warmed up to us yet! They were opposite personalities at the shelter, but for some reason they've switched at home! He's a little skittish, although getting better by the hour.

We truly had no intention of taking a pet home, especially not two! But, that's how it goes I guess. We are glad they have each other. If you live in the Charleston area and you are thinking of adopting a pet, I'd highly recommend Pet Helpers. They are a no-kill shelter and have a beautiful facility. They have so many cats & kittens, and they seem to be at capacity for their dogs & puppies right now. Be warned though, it's hard to leave without an animal (or two)!


  1. Love your cats. I am so happy that they found the two of you, lucky cats!!!!
    love, Aunt Carol

  2. YaY Sanders! I think rescues love their owners in an extra special way.
    Trooper says he'll come herd kitties for you!

  3. PS: What about Cliff & Claire?

  4. We may need Trooper for some herding! They are wide open!!