Friday, August 12, 2011

Charleston adora[tion] - August 12

Sorry for the late post today, I actually almost didn't write. It's been quite a week, and an even longer day. I know that I'm supposed to be continuing my series of Charleston love for you today, I mean it is Friday. But to be completely honest with you, I'm not really feeling it today. The love that is.

The only thing I've really done fun this week in this awesome town of mine is to go to a movie. But going to the movies is really something you can do in just about any town. Although the town that I 'grew up in' didn't have a movie theater! I think they do now.

But I must admit that this is something I do love about Charleston, and that's the Terrace Theater. The Terrace is one of the few places in the Lowcountry that shows independent and foreign films and they pride themselves on showing 'art house films'. If there are any obscure movies released, you can bet that the Terrace will have it. And for those of you who know me well, I love movies, especially obscure ones!

Another plus... the Terrace sells beer and wine. Genius. I love movies, I love beer, and I especially love watching movies whilst drinking beer.

I've probably piqued your interest? Well, what cool, obscure movie did you see? Ha! This particular one wasn't obscure at all. Maybe a little controversial (for no good reason), but the movie I saw was "The Help", and it was awesome.

I was in a book club for a very brief stint, and I must say that The Help was one of the few books that I actually loved, so naturally I wasn't holding out too much hope for the movie, since movies never quite 'get' the book right. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Yes, they skip over a lot, but the acting and wardrobe and cars and filming technique more than make up for it. I was a crying mess all the way through the film, which is probably why I've been an emotional mess all day today.

If you loved the book, you will LOVE the movie.

Another cool thing was the theater was selling slices of 7-layer caramel cake, the same cake that is featured in the movie (not to be confused with shit pie). Just before the movie started, a woman came out and gave a little introduction. Her name was Caroline and she has a bakery called Caroline's Cakes. They made the cake that is in the movie! Pretty cool, huh? Turns out that she is from South Carolina, and although she's been based in Maryland, she is soon to be opening her bakery in Spartanburg!

So next time you are visiting Charleston and want to see a random art film that you might not be able to see in your town, might I suggest visiting The Terrace Theater!

I do want to thank Mary Mac for meeting us for lunch! It was so great to catch up and hopefully we'll get to hang out again before she leaves for NYC next week. So sad. She and I were also able to visit our favorite antique/consignment store, Attic Treasures. You may remember my little lovefest here, when I bought my quilt rack and plant stand. I got some cool little knick knacks today too. One of which is a brass elephant. The sales lady said it should bring me luck. Let's sure as hell hope so!

Remember this, from the words of Aibileen... "You is smart. You is kind. You is important." I just need to keep telling myself this. Chin up, and have a good one!


  1. i still can't believe you didn't bring home a slice of that "world's best" 7-layer caramel cake! i guess we'll have to stop by her bakery in spartanburg next time we're up visiting your family, okay?

  2. Will do. Sorry, I wasn't even thinking about your love for caramel cake!

  3. i hope it was a good weekend. :) i can promise you, you didn't miss anything in myrtle beach: i checked it out. not so exciting. good luck on the set today!

  4. Weekend was good. Hope the wedding was cool... I'll look forward to hearing about it! Thanks for the luck, just glad it will be over soon!