Friday, August 26, 2011

Charleston adora[tion] - August 26, 2011

Well, well, well, seems as though last week’s Charleston adora[tion] came and went without a post, and nobody noticed! Or did you? After the Beer Tour, I figured that was enough love for this town for one week, so I skipped the Friday post. So sorry!

However, we are back this week with another installment. The rules state that we have to visit the place within the same week as posting about it, so this is actually from Tuesday!

Brian and I are usually pretty good about supporting the RiverDogs, our hometown baseball team. However this season, we’ve only made it to one game. Yes, 1. Ooh, that’s not good. And we had planned on seeing them Labor Day weekend for an event to support the local College of the Building Arts. But with a wedding to attend and the prospect of a visit to my mom’s lake house for the holiday, we were realizing that we might want to go ahead and get to one more game before the season ends altogether!

I enticed Brian with the Kraft Singles Tuesday Night Tickets, where you can buy one and get one free if you bring in the wrapper of your Kraft Singles. If you’d like more info, click here. So we rushed home from work to change clothes, only to find that our Kraft Singles were without a wrapper. At some point I guess (since I’m the only one who eats Kraft Singles around here) I discarded the wrapper and left the singles just floating around in the cheese drawer. Oops.

We reasoned that at $6 per ticket, it was probably still worth it to support our team, and we decided to go out to the ballpark anyway! Phew, that was close. What would I have written about this Friday?

So on to The Joe, as we locals like to call it. Officially it’s the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park, named for Charleston’s beloved mayor, who’s been in office since I was born! No seriously, since I was 8 months old. That’s 36 years. Wow.

And since we are sharing interesting stats, I’ll go ahead and get some other facts out of the way (according to Wikipedia):
·         The Joe is also home to The Citadel baseball team, since the campus is right there. And the land once belonged to the school.
·         The Southern Conference (which The Citadel is part of) has hosted their last 10 conference baseball tournaments in this stadium.
·         It was built in 1997
·         And seats 6,000 people

As for the RiverDogs, here’s some fun facts about them:
  • They are owned by Bill Murray, who actually comes to a lot of the games. We’ve seen him there, although not this time.
  • They are affiliated with the New York Yankees
  • They’ve had lots of names over the years, and various affiliations with different teams and leagues:
    • the Seagulls, aka the Gulls (1886-1920)
    • the Palmettos, aka the Pals (1920-1922)
    • the Rebels (1942-1953)
    • the ChaSox (1959)
    • the Pirates (1973-1977)
    • the Patriots (1977-1978)
    • the Royals (1980-1985)
    • the Rainbows (1985-1994)
And ever since 1994, the team has been known as the RiverDogs. There is your history lesson for this Friday, now let’s get to the good stuff! I mean really, check out the view!

I love The Joe. It’s such a beautiful setting, nestled on the marshes of the Ashley River. Sunsets are gorgeous here and the weather, with our weird mix of hurricane threats and shocks from earthquakes three states away, has created a ‘calm before the storm’ effect that made for an amazing evening to be outdoors. This was also a double-header since the previous nights game had rain.

With beers in hand, we scouted out the 2-hotdogs-for-$3 special that the bartender clued us into, and found our way to the top deck to enjoy the view. Oh yeah, 4 hotdogs later (between the 2 of us) we had Tony the Peanut Man's boiled peanuts as well! Since we had General Admission tickets, we could really sit just about anywhere, and this was especially true due to the lack of crowd to be had. I’m assuming with school starting back and it being a Tuesday that most folks stayed home?

Most folks EXCEPT the entire freshmen class of The Citadel, as well as some upperclassmen thrown in. Although they all cleared out, I’m assuming for a 9pm curfew? There were cadets EVERYWHERE. And at some point there was a cadet tug-of-war on the field that the upperclassmen won 3—0. Poor knobs.

See all those grey figures in the stands? Those are cadets.

We had a little surprise after the first game ended, and just before the second game started, a guy with a clipboard approached us and asked if we would like to be ‘upgraded’ to the Ashley Seats behind home plate! Um, yes please! The only stipulation was that we had to be in our seats before the 3rd inning because the camera would be on us for the whole stadium to see us on the jumbo-tron! Awesome. Oh, and “no gang signs, by the way”. Do we look like the type of people who would use gang signs?

View from our Ashley seats behind home plate! 

The really funny part of this story is that we thought he said “the Ashley Avenue” seats, but Ashley Avenue is several blocks away, so Brian says “well maybe he said the Ashley River Seats”. Come to find out, while our faces are as big as a billboard up on the jumbo-tron, they were the “Ashley Home Store” seats, a furniture store. Too funny, since Brian’s family owns Sanders Furniture Company. Competition? Not really since they are in a different state. I don't know why, but this really cracked me up!

Along with Tug-O-War and baseball, there was also sumo wrestling...

and human bowling...

Since they upgraded us, we found it hard to leave before the end of the game, not to mention all the beer Brian drank which caused him to believe that he was the only one cheering for “the Daaawgs” as he suddenly became fond of calling them. If it weren’t for the guy yelling “you suck”, Brian may have been considered most obnoxious. Luckily he wasn’t “that guy”.

We had a lot of fun, but unfortunately the obnoxious guy may have been right because we ended up losing to the Greenville Drive 2-5 in the first game, and 0-5 in the second game. Poor daaawgs.


  1. Love these posts! Allison

  2. Thanks Allison! I love writing them!

  3. When I saw your link at Centsational Girl's party, I almost didn't click because I thought I knew what there was to love about Charleston. Your post is a surprise -- and I love it because you're showing me what I haven't seen as a tourist.

  4. Thanks Wendy! If you'd like, you should check out the other "Charleston adora[tion]" posts that I've written. I try to write a post every Friday about what I love about Charleston! I hope you'll come back!

  5. Just wanted to introduce myself. I saw your link on Centsational Girl's party. I live in Charleston too. I put you in my RSS reader. Your house is so super cute!


  6. Thanks so much Alison! Welcome to my blog!! I hope you'll visit often!