Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well, not really! It was the only -tion word that I could come up with that alludes to keeping something clean! Like my floors.

For 6 months now (yes, we've officially been living here for 6 months!), we've had a scrap piece of our remnant carpet that we installed in the bedroom, sitting at our front door. Pathetic, right?

I mean, everything is decorated so nice, and then we have this scrap. Shameful.

At my condo, I had made a doormat for my screened in porch, out of samples from FLOR. They are a company that makes carpet tiles, and they are generally quite expensive, although their 6" x 6" samples are priced at 3 for $5. Pretty cheap, right?

And unfortunately I don't have a photo of that previous mat, probably best since it was pretty ugly thinking back on it! Nevertheless, reminded of my previous doormat, I decided why not make another? So I set out to find a fun, funky carpet sample, which FLOR has many of. But, alas I went with something a little more muted. After all, I don't really want to draw attention to the doormat. It's different if it were the main rug in the space, like under the dining room table or something, but a doormat!

So, I went with Lacebark Pearl.

I realize it's kind of plain, but I figured it would be a nice, neutral compliment to the curtains. And I could jazz it up with some quarter-turns! For those of you not familiar with that term, it just means that you alternate the pattern, so vertical stripe, then horizontal stripe, then vertical... and so on.

I ordered 12 samples, since I figured I could either do a 30" x 12" rug or a 24" x 16". See below for configurations.

Here is the problem. We don't think either one suits! We really like the depth of the first one, and closer to the width of the second one! Kind of like this, but with three more pieces (that I just ordered).

Seems like this will work best with the door width. Until my other samples arrive, will just go ahead and assemble without the 2 extra pieces for now.

So to attach them to one another, I just flip the samples over, and here's the secret (use duct tape) to hold them together. Works like a charm.

So, for $20.04 (+5.01 more), I have a nice FLOR doormat! Bye, bye old leftover carpet scrap! Actually it's temporarily living in the laundry room. Maybe I can do 'funky' in there!

Even though it's not finished yet, I still love the simplicity of it. It compliments not only the curtains, but the area rug, and the wall color. Can't wait for my other samples to arrive! Do you have any FLOR carpet in your house? Did you buy an actual rug, or are you cheap like me?

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  1. Just found your blog through centsational girl. I'm also a Charleston blogger! Looks like you've been up to some great projects.