Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our blogiversary came and went with no big hoopla, but now that it's our 200th post, I'm feeling somewhat accomplished and sentimental!  

Thanks to Heather from Notes from the Nelsens, who just awarded us with the Versatile Blogger Award! I have definitely never heard of this before, but I am honored! 

Here are the rules for accepting this award according to Heather.

The Rules of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

But here in lies the problem. Although I follow about 30 blogs, most of them are pretty popular, some of them even make a living blogging. Not that this is a bad thing, but they are far from recently discovered! Also, most have to do with home renovation, so that doesn't seem very versatile. Therefore, as honored as I am, I have decided to just go ahead and share with you the blogs that I read on a daily basis and why I read them... there I go, breaking the rules again. So my apologies Heather, if I can't accept the award, but I feel the qualifications are too much for me to handle! 

First up, the seven facts that you may (or may not) want to know about me, in no particular order.
  1. I make my bed EVERY day. And the pillows on the couch must be perfect before I walk out the door in the mornings. Just in case someone stops by? 
  2. I've been to 42 states across America and 11 countries. Can you guess which states I haven't visited?
  3. Bowling is my favorite pastime. And my claim to fame is that I bowled in a league with Big Boi from Outkast, which is the reason for the quote on my laundry room wall that I blogged about here . 
  4. When I am fortunate enough for someone to buy me a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi, I save it until the very last minute. Once it's used, it's gone, and thereby I have nothing to look forward to. I don't like for things like that to end. I like to keep those indulgences out there in the distance to savor from afar! Then hopefully by the time I use it, there's another one purchased, and the vicious cycle starts again.
  5. My heart has been broken, but has since healed. I have loved and lost, and loved again, and for this I will be forever grateful. Life is good.
  6. I love live music, but can't play a single instrument. I know I said bowling was my favorite pastime, but going to concerts is a close second. My favorite band of all-time is The Black Crowes, my favorite band currently is probably My Morning Jacket, my favorite singer (and cd that hasn't left my cd player for months) is Jason Isbell, and my favorite local performer is Cary Ann Hearst (and her other half of Shovels and Rope, Michael Trent). 
  7. I was born in South Carolina, moved to Louisiana, back to South Carolina, moved to Italy, back to South Carolina, moved to Georgia, moved to California, and finally moved back to South Carolina. What a crazy pull this state has over me! I've called at least 24 places home in my lifetime. I've had four homes in four years, since living in Charleston! Hopefully we'll stick around for a while in our current house!
Now for the fifteen blogs that I would like to award the Not-So-Versatile-I-Just-Enjoy-Reading Blogger Award. If you are receiving this award from me, it means I love reading your blog and think other people should read it too! I'd also like to encourage my friends out there to write, since it's been such a great release for me (and secretly I'd like to look into your lives)!

Little Glass Box

Hernando House

For sarcastic comedy, these are my faves... 


My apologies that some of the links don't work, I've tried everything. :(
You'll have to type these into your browser: Yellow Brick Home, eighteen25, Unhappy Hipsters, and Catalog Living

So there you have it, my favorite blogs! It only took me all week to write this post! I would like to say that there are lots of other great blogs that I read as well, so how about a montage of them all? One paragraph that tells a story using them all?

Baby Space
is like a Design Sponge for Baby Lifestyles that thrive in the Nest Design Studio. The Sumerel's Stories are Delightfully Lovely with a little Southern Hospitality thrown inand if there are thirtyone things I love, it includes tatertot s& jello
! The Art of Doing Stuff is harder than it looks. Oh how nice it would be for this Centsational Girl to have a Nest of Posies. Can I get a Hoot (Design Co.)?

Glad to finally wrap this one up! I hope you've found at least one blog on here that strikes your fancy! Any others that you'd recommend? You may notice a trend here, mostly home decor! It's hump day, whoop, whoop! 2 more days til the weekend.


  1. So fun! I loved reading your list! Yes, the post (especially links) took me way longer than I thought too, but it is so fun to get new blog-reading ideas and to pass the love along! Great job with your post!!

  2. #2 guesses: Alaska, Hawaii, North and South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

    (I'm thinking about what may have been passed through on your mega road trip across the US! I'm predicting that little corner of the northern midwest as the part that may have been left out . . .)

    you'll have to reveal the answers eventually, with stories!

    off to discover new blogs . . . .

  3. Good guesses Jen, you got 4 of the 8 right! Alaska & Hawaii, Michigan, and North Dakota... but there are still 4 more (there's a chance I could have been to 2 of them, just can't remember)!