Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was thinking about what in the world I could write about tonight, since it's been quite a busy week with work I haven't had much time to stop and think. I just feel like I've been super busy. And then, I remembered that I haven't told you about the Tile Symposium that we went to last week. You may remember that's what sparked the whole cleaning out my closet and craigslist sales, in order to clean out the master bathroom that is currently a shell of a room. And by the way, we sold the bathroom cabinet! Woohoo. Now, if we could only sell the dressing vanity and get the condo rented (I think we are close).

Back to the topic at hand! So, DalTile hosted a Tile Symposium at their showroom in North Charleston, and I think Brian and I may have been the only architects on hand, there may have been a couple of others, but no one I knew. The audience was mostly installers, I would say.

The evening started with a vendor show of about 15 or so companies. The beauty of it, was that you had to collect the signatures of each vendor after you heard their spiel. Then once you collected them all, you could put your name into the drawing for the door prizes. It was a genius way to get everyone talking! And the even more awesome part of this, was they had an ice cream truck pulled right into the warehouse, providing free ice cream!

I also found a few tile patterns/styles that I liked that one of the vendors was representing. I'm not really a fan of the black and white combo, but solid white in this pattern would be kind of cool!

The actual symposium was held in the air-conditioned showroom (thank goodness) and the first hour was a little drab and left me thinking that maybe we were mislead in the invitation, which you may recall promised the following things would be taught:
  • proper troweling methods
  • stone tile installations
  • large format tile
  • new techniques and tools
  • glass tile and mosaic installation methods
  • membranes, backerboards and shower installations
I don't recall any of the above being mentioned in that first hour. Boo! However, there was a Chick-fil-A buffet set up, which was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

And then, there was intermission, which involved 15 minutes of all you can eat cookies, brownies, and candy bars. Which kind of made up for the hour of boring code talk. We also had a chance to take in the showroom tiles.

The ones in the window were the linen tiles we've shown you before.

Can you see the excitement in Brian's face?

Soon enough, the second half of the class started and the best part was the demonstrations. I only wish there had been more. It was quite informative, teaching us "proper troweling methods", but that's about all. It was worth our time though. Why, you ask? Because do you remember that I mentioned door prizes? Um yeah, and you had to be present to win, which BTW, there weren't a lot of people left by the end!

They started drawing names, and about three or four prizes in, they called Brian's name! He actually won 250 lbs of thinset mortar! Yes, please! We can definitely use that!

Then they were almost to the end, and they called my name! I won this awesome "Daltool Grouting Kit"! And again, yes! We can definitely use that too!!


So there you have it, we have knowledge, we have thinset, and we have a grouting tool kit. All we need now is the tile! And since we ordered our kitchen slate tile from DalTile (and got a good deal), I think we have a source for tile too!

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