Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As in watching, or in this case babysitting! I know, crazy right? I mean I was just so honored that my friend trusted me to watch over her child for an extended period of time!

And by the way, it wasn't long before I realized how un-baby-proof our house is! Maybe because I didn't realize that an 8-1/2 month-old could actually crawl sometimes.

Meet George...

He can pull himself up and walk around while holding onto furniture.

He can sit and carry on a conversation (kind of).

He can definitely crawl. All over the place!

He likes to drive.

And he definitely likes to flash those big, beautiful, blue eyes at you!

All in all, we had a great time hanging out with George. And our friend Jennifer even brought her 3-month-old Jack over to hang out as well! Can't believe we didn't get a single photo of Jack!

Afterwards, all the parents and us (non-parents) went out for a late lunch and an early beer... and the kids came too. Mmm... Tattooed Moose.


  1. WOW! George is such a grown up! :) Precious.

  2. So cute, huh? Definitely grown up... he's crawling! Can't believe it.