Monday, August 22, 2011

organiza[tion] of bedroom closet - follow-up

I bet you didn't think I could do it? Clean my closet that is! On Saturday, I blogged about needing to organize my closet. This was really a ploy to get my lazy butt in gear, since I knew if I blogged about it, then I'd have to follow through! So here it is, of course it doesn't necessarily look a whole lot different, but I have gotten a little more organized!

Of course this is what it looked like during the fiasco! Multiple piles... trash, recycling, clothes to keep, clothes to get rid of, clothes to wash, a pile to go 'somewhere else'.

I must admit, I didn't do a thorough clean-out (as if you couldn't tell!). I still need to go through all of my clothes and shoes, but I'm thinking that may wait til the winter gear comes out. 

But I did make room for my chair that Mary Mac made... 

And probably my favorite thing, which I've been wanting to do for a long time, is to hang my purses such that I can see them... I'm not even halfway there, but at least the smaller ones are up above the door. See before and after!

 I was also able to move a jewelry chest in there, but I haven't hung the mirror or purses on that wall yet, so I'll have to reveal it later. All in all, the closet is coming along quite nicely. Of course, it doesn't even look like I moved anything out of the bathroom. Still a long way to go before we can start our tile job, but the way I figure is that I'm not the only one holding us up! ;)

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