Saturday, August 20, 2011

organiza[tion] of bedroom closet

Next week, Brian and I are going to a Tile Symposium... exciting, huh? Basically we want to learn how to tile so we can tackle our Master Bathroom, which currently looks like this:

Not sure if you recognize that there is plywood under that rug. Yes. Plywood. And you may notice the copper plumbing lines there in the distance. That's where the shower will go. The toilet will go approximately where the scale currently lives. And of course that dressing table, chair and mirror will leave, as well as the above-the-toilet cabinet there to the left, that's just leftover from our last house. Some of this will be posted on Craigslist soon!

The room looks small (and it is), but remember that the vanity and sink are in the vestibule just outside the bathroom, so that free's up a little space. It's really just a shower and toilet (and possibly some built-ins for towels) that will be housed here, so there's really no need for a huge space.

And now for what I want it to look like! Something like this, minus the sink (ideas from Pinterest):

I think. This is the problem. We really have no clue what we want it this room, and tiling (especially if we are doing it ourselves) is a HUGE commitment. Scary HUGE. I'm currently leaning towards all white. Eventually our bedroom will be a fun color, and there's something cleansing and classic about an all white bathroom.

Our symposium will supposedly teach us the following topics...
  • proper troweling methods
  • stone tile installations
  • large format tile
  • new techniques and tools
  • glass tile and mosaic installation methods
  • membranes, backerboards and shower installations (<--woohoo!)
Now we need to choose a tile, and hopefully convince one of our reps to give us a good deal! Although I keep going on and on about white, I think this would be nice for the floor. Especially since we hope to have bamboo flooring in the bedroom eventually. This might be a nice compliment to the wood, and temporarily a nice complement to the carpet. (see sample with carpet below) This is DalTile's Fabrique line that they carry, and we've had the sample since we bought the house! Still debating if we want to take that leap. Tile is time consuming to install, and tile is expensive. Big commitment, ya'll! 

The main reason for this post, was to hopefully motivate us to tile our bathroom NEXT weekend, while the teachings are still fresh on our minds. So, this weekend my goal is to get my closet completely organized, in order to get most everything out of the bathroom, which has been my 'dressing room' for the last (almost) 6 months. So here's a shot of the closet before:

And my plans include hanging hooks for necklaces and purses, installing a cabinet and mirror to take the place of my dressing table, and clearing space for my MaryMac chair (the turquoise one in the first photo) to fit. Along with just plain organizing of my clothes and shoes. Maybe doing a little donating to Goodwill in the process (or my sister). 

The results will come later! Did I accomplish everything that I had hoped to accomplish? You'll have to wait and see! So far, it's halfway through the weekend and I've been a little lazy. Maybe Sunday will bring progress!

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