Thursday, August 4, 2011

Porsche conven[tion] - Day 3

Tuesday, the last day of our trip!

You may recall that we were in Savannah for 3 days this week. See Sunday & Monday.

We checked out of the hotel this morning and went to J. Christopher's for brunch. Rode past the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Lowe, the founder of the Girl Scouts.

We made it back over to the Convention Center, and even the parking lot was impressive with all the Porsche.


Wait a minute, that's not a Porsche! A Lotus at the Porsche Parade... orange, no less!


Once inside (where it was cool), we admired the new cars on display. Check these out. I've listed the model & most importantly the price with each photo.

2011 911 Turbo S ($187,755)
2011 Panamera Turbo ($197,970)

We stopped at the 'Goodie Store' to get our Porsche goodies... t-shirts & koozies. Then went to the Art Show where amateurs & professionals submit artwork pertaining to Porsche. Some of the entries were really cool, like these handbags that were my personal favorite, as well as the guitar that Brian loved. Lots of photography, paintings, needlepoint, and sculpture, as well as clothing.


Wanting to drown our sorrows over the fact that we can't afford a new Porsche, Veronica and I took part in the Ice Cream Social, while the guys checked out the radio-controlled cars and driving simulators. We browsed the booths that were set up as well. 

And the 1973 coupe that is going to be raffled off was on display, and we were able to hear the person who restored the car talk about the restoration that took place in Germany. There was a film crew there filming him as well...

I got up close and personal with the car as well.

Charles acting like he's been handed the keys!

And that concludes our whirlwind trip to Savannah. Maybe we'll make it to Salt Lake City next year!

To see the entire photo album from Day 3, click on the photo below!
Savannah Porsche Parade 2011 (Day 3)

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