Saturday, August 13, 2011


Seems I'm not the only lucky one when it comes to furniture around here! You may recall that I won the Generation chair from CBI here. And then won two Risom chairs here from the same company.

Well about a month ago, Brian and I both filled out a survey from CaraGreen, and lo and behold he won a BioGlass Top table! For those of you not in the industry, CaraGreen is a distributor of sustainable products, and they are a great resource for designers looking to incorporate green products into their designs.


We tried to use a countertop that they carry in our house, in fact I wrote a post about it here. Unfortunately cost was an issue, and we ended up not being able to use them. However I have managed to get some of the products into projects at work! Here is a detail shot of the new Steel Powder Coated Outline Table with BioGlass Top...

We've said since opening the box that it would be so cool to light it from below, possibly with an orb light of some sort. The BioGlass is very cool, and it seems that it would glow quite nicely! According to CaraGreen's website, Bio-Glass is comprised of 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable....slabs are either made from pre-consumer recycled glass, post-consumer recycled glass bottles, or a mix of the two. Bio-Glass has a non-porous cleanable finish that does not support microbial growth or allow moisture to accumulate, helping to maintain a mold- and germ-free environment.  Bio-glass is durable and scratch and stain resistant.

You may have noticed that we have an eclectic mix of furniture in our home. I love mixing modern and antique pieces. It's always been interesting to me the way that furniture has shaped my life and Brian's.

Brian's family has owned a furniture business for 98 years (Sanders Furniture Company), so you could say that furniture has been his life! I on the other hand have had some pieces of furniture in my life since I was born; and that furniture was in my family's life for generations. I've held on to some pieces forever it seems, and will likely never let some of it go. It's what shapes me. Which brings me to the next shot that we especially love of the curve of the Duncan Phyfe sofa with the hard lines of the new table.

As for CaraGreen, not only did they send out a congratulatory message to Brian in their online newsletter, but they wrote a blog post to congratulate him! Thanks CaraGreen! We love it!


  1. how did y'all forget to tell me about this?! fabulous. jealous!

  2. Thanks! I guess I thought I HAD told you about it!