Tuesday, August 23, 2011


To leave or not to leave? That is not the question. To freak myself out on preparing at the last minute, or start praying that Irene is really turning East? That is the question!

Normally I would prepare. However this would involve getting my filing cabinet out of the storage unit (it's the heaviest thing I own, so it's the last thing I want to move), gathering up the necessary paperwork to make any claims for insurance purposes, videotape each room in my house for contents, and pack up all my valuables that I can't live without! Not to mention buying plywood for our windows, and installing said plywood. Of course that would come much later in the week.

But it's Tuesday, and this thing is supposed to hit Saturday! 4 days. Sounds like a lot to do in a matter of a 4 days!

At least we don't have to worry about whether or not we would evacuate, and where we would evacuate to. Those are all givens because I'm certainly not sticking around, and I definitely have several family members I'd like to crash with!

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