Sunday, August 21, 2011

token of affec[tion]

My dad is on his way to Peru today. Alone.

So, I made him this business-card-sized note to attach to the gift that I got him for his trip. The other side has mine and my sister's addresses and phone numbers in case of emergency, or if he just wanted to send us a postcard and didn't know our addresses by heart.

His dream has been to visit Machu Picchu for as long as I can remember, and when he couldn't convince anyone to go with him, he just decided to make the trip on his own. This is somewhere that I too am interested in visiting, but at the moment it's not in our budget, but maybe some day.

I wanted to get my dad a little something for his trip, but the problem is that when you are travelling, less is better! So, then I started thinking of small things that he could tuck into his bag. I ended up with gum (for when his ears pop on the plane), pistachios (his favorite snack), and a miniature First Aid kit with antiseptic wipes and band-aids.

He also asked if he could borrow my old camera, so I bought him some lithium batteries (they last 8x longer) in case he was taking lots of photos, which he totally should.

The problem? None of these items are very personal. So I started thinking, that since he'd be travelling alone, he might want some friendly faces along the way. His trip will last 8 days, so I printed 8 photos of us over the years, including various family members that he might miss while he's gone. On the back of each one, I wrote him a letter. Mostly thank you notes of things he's taught me through the years. Then I slipped each photo/letter into an envelope (8 total), labeled Day 1, Day 2,... and so on.

The thought being that at the beginning or end to each day, he'd have something to either prepare him for the day, or end the day on a good note. Since these are just flat envelopes, they'll slide into his luggage just fine. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he embarks on this journey of his!


  1. Jennifer. You are so awesome. I love you. My thoughts and prayers are with for a wonderful time and safe return. Allison

  2. I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) To find out more, click here:

  3. Thanks Heather, I'm writing my acceptance speech now!

    Just wanted to give a quick UPDATE on the post above... my dad arrived safely in Peru. I got an email this morning, and unfortunately I missed a phone call from him tonight. He sounded pretty tired, but sounds like he had an eventful day in Lima. He reported that 2/3 of the country live in Lima? And it's a city of 9 million.