Sunday, August 28, 2011

up for auc[tion]

I've decided to sell a few things, in order to clear room for 1.our new bathroom, and 2.stuff in storage that still needs to fit into our house! Therefore, I've posted the first couple of items on Craigslist, but my fear is that some of you may want first dibs! So, without further ado, if you are interested in either of these things, let me know! Price is negotiable. ;)

This first one we originally bought for our first house, since the bathroom was so small. It's an over-the-toilet cabinet, in white. We bought it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond when we got married. You can see the store advertisement here. But here, you get a magnificent deal! If you'd like to read more about it, visit our craigslist ad!

The next piece we purchased from the estate sale that was held at our house before we moved in. In other words it was Miss Julia's and although we love it (otherwise we wouldn't have purchased it), it turns out that we don't have room for it. Since we still have family heirlooms in storage that we'd rather put to use, it seems this beautiful dressing vanity will have to go.


As you can see from the photos, this is a 7-drawer Drexel vanity with all rosette handle hardware intact. It has an attached swivel mirror with finial detailing. Unfortunately, the dressing table itself is not in the greatest condition. There are several scratches and the veneer is peeling/has peeled in some spots. I originally had big dreams of restoring this, but it's fairly low on the priority list, and since there's no perfect place to put it (say that 3 times fast), it must go. Find it here.

In other news, another craigslist post that we've currently updated is my condo. Yes, it's true, our perfect renter found her own condo to buy, so she is now a homeowner herself. Even though she hasn't been in there very long, we knew that she was looking to buy a place, and had agreed that as long as she gave us 30-days notice she could break her lease. The good news is, there have already been several people interested, and we have a couple of showings set up for this coming week. Let me know if you know anyone interested in a condo on James Island!

So there you have it. Cleaning up and cleaning out. I'm sure there are other items that will be up on the auction block soon. See anything you are interested in? Leave me a comment, and I'll be in touch!

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