Saturday, August 27, 2011

sky exhibi[tion]

We were supposed to go to the Charleston Home + Design Show Jazz Party  last night, but it was postponed due to the hurricane threat. Kind of silly, since we've barely even had rain, but hey Charleston County also cancelled school on Friday, which was pretty ridiculous! It's definitely windy out there! The news just said that the winds are up to 38mph at the moment. So, since our plans were cancelled, we went to our brand new Trader Joe's and stocked up on deliciousness. And then put on our pajamas about 4:30pm! Settling in for the night! But then about 8pm (from the couch), I saw the sky outside was gorgeous! Brian grabbed the camera and ran out to the yard...

We grabbed our bikes and headed down to the Ashley River, to a spot we love to go. Turns out that about 20 other people had the same idea!

But the view was great. It's truly hard to capture the colors, it was quite orange, although most of our photos look pink. I've got to read that damn camera book!

The water is so high! Usually this is marsh, but last night the water came right up to the fence!

You can kind of see how windy it is! No, that's not my pajamas, I did put on clothes.

Love the sky in these pictures... you can see an airplane in the second one!