Friday, September 23, 2011

Charleston adora[tion] - September 23, 2011

For those of you not familiar with my blog, I try to write a post about my town every Friday. This is called Charleston adora[tion], and the self-imposed stipulation is that I must have visited the place that I’m writing about within the same week. Spoiler: I’m cheating this week. Since I did not write the post last week, and I really wanted to share the visit that we had from Brian’s sister & brother-in-law from a couple of weekends ago. So, that’s me cheating. My apologies! Also, another downer, we forgot to take the camera! So all weekend, I was using my camera to snap photos.

William and Kathryn came to visit (sans their 3 kids),  and we had quite the weekend, with a late dinner on Friday night at the Tattooed Moose, a long bike ride all over town on Saturday with football and beer thrown in, a delicious special-treat dinner on Saturday night at Cru Café, and sailing in the Charleston harbor on Sunday. It was pretty much awesome.

© Sully Sullivan Photography

I’ll elaborate on the day’s activities, since those are the truly Charleston-love moments. You may recall that Brian and I have a tandem bicycle that was is my dad’s, although I hope that by now after using it as the mode of transportation to leave our wedding on, that we can actually claim it as our own! 

© Juliet Elizabeth Photography

Well, we pretty much haven’t ridden it since our wedding weekend. As it turns out, we moved out of Brian’s house and into an apartment, and we had no place to store the tandem other than our storage unit which is on James Island and thereby not convenient to downtown. Then we moved to our house, and it never seemed to make it over in any of our big move trips. Luckily however, William & Kat have a large vehicle that they were able to fold the seats down in, and rest the tandem comfortably over the back seats! I truly wish I had a photo of this because they managed to fit our 10’ collapsible ladder in there with it!

You see, with the tandem, and mine and Brian’s regular bikes, we were able to explore town by bicycle as a group rather than having to deal with parking. It worked out great because we first rode through Wagener Terrace and Hampton Park, then through The Citadel campus, through Hampton Park Terrace, and down King Street to the Farmer’s Market in Marion Square. We shopped through all the vendors tents and had popsicles from the King of Pops. Ours was Fresh Peach, mmm and we think that William & Kathryn had Watermelon Mojito?

t-shirt I loved for my sister & bro-in-law, who are pug-lovers

After exploring a little of the King St shopping district, we made our way through the College of Charleston Campus, past Colonial Lake, and South of Broad to White Point Gardens, where we enjoyed the cheese, crackers, and summer sausage that Kathryn had packed. It was a quaint little snack of a picnic, and we were able to take in the sights around us, including the harbor, a news crew interviewing folks, a student film production, and many, many college kids and families lounging on blankets & portable hammocks, and playing with their dogs.


From there we made the short trip to Southend Brewery to watch the UGA/USC game (Go dawgs!) and grab some beers. William, who brews his own home brew, took a tour of the vats with Brian and the brewer. At halftime, we decided to move on down the road, so we made our way down East Bay Street and ended up at Taco Boy for the 3rd quarter. If you ride your bike to Taco Boy, you get a free margarita (with the purchase of another), so we took advantage of that deal before heading home for the 4th quarter!

Unfortunately UGA lost… boo. We cleaned up and headed out to Cru Café, which is by far one of my favorite upscale restaurants in town. It is located in a Charleston single house, which gives it a comfy, cozy feel. This was also the location of mine and Brian’s first ‘official’ date, so it’s held a special place in my heart ever since. Kathryn and I each had the Ginger Seared Salmon and Lemon Risotto and the guys each had the Duck dish. We topped it off with Warm Flourless Chocolate Torte and their signature Cru Lime Pie with an Oreo crust.

After that feast, we headed home for a good night’s rest. We had a nice leisurely Sunday morning before heading out to the marina with Jeff & Katie for our sailing day. The six of us were quite the crew on Brian & Kathryn’s dad’s sailboat (Three Sheets). We enjoyed a nice trip out to Fort Sumter and back. We had packed sandwiches, snacks, and a cooler, and the afternoon was quite enjoyable. Thanks to Jeff & Katie for these cool shots from their iPhones...

And my personal favorite of my love... 

So really, what's not to love about a bike ride, a picnic in the park, beers & football, and sailing? What a great weekend! Until next time…  

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