Tuesday, September 13, 2011

migra[tion] - for real!

It's only been 4 days since I posted last, but it seems like forever! Sorry ya'll, we had company in town, which I'll report on later in the week, so it threw me off! There are a few things I'd like to write about from the previous weekend first! So here goes...

You may recall that we had a wedding to attend over Labor Day weekend, but with Sunday & Monday free, we took the opportunity to meet up with my family at my mom & step-dad's lake house. The house has been in Gene's family since he was a child, it's located on Lake Murray around the Dreher Island area of the lake. Sunday was spent hanging out in the water and riding in the boat. We had bar-b-que for lunch and really just hung out.

The best part was hanging out with Ellie! She is awesome. Also, we got to meet my mom's new kitten, Smokey...

Right as the sun was about to go down, we all jumped in the boat and headed across the water to Goat Island, where the nightly pilgrimage of purple martins make their way for the night.

When we arrived, there were probably 50 other boats also bobbing in the water, and not long thereafter, the birds started to arrive. I wish I could have captured them all at once, but flocks of them would fly in, one after the other with minutes in between, rather than the mass-exodus I was expecting. It was still an amazing sight, and hard to describe in words.

We headed back to the house and grilled out hamburgers and such. It was a great couple of days! Tune in tomorrow to see what we did on Monday (our day off)!

(Actual date of event: September 4, 2011)

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