Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, ya'll!

Our friends Jeff & Katie host a 'Pumpkin Carve' party every year, so that was our excitement for Saturday! Especially since the Tigers weren't so impressive, but hopefully after a week off, they'll come back strong!

Here are most of the pumpkins in the daylight...

And then here they are at night...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I had big plans to write a post about the weekend, going to Clemson, spending time with Ellie, but unfortunately it will have to wait until tomorrow! I'm E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D! It may have something to do with this...

That is Jason Isbell, my friends. He may have just knocked Chris Robinson out of the running as my all-time favorite musician. He is one of the most incredible guitarists I've ever seen, and his songwriting is like no other. I hope he keeps coming back to the Charleston Pour House or the Windjammer, I'm not picky! 

Something else that happened today? I had my first acupuncture session! Oh my, I think I'm hooked!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Haha... i know, it's "crustacean", but I couldn't resist. And actually an oyster isn't even a crustacean, but a mollusk. Oh well, I tried!

I'm back-tracking a little here, but I don't want to leave out any Charleston fun, and since I forgot my Charleston adora[tion] last week, I figured I needed to show you another cool place in town, and that's the bus shed. That's exactly what it is. A bus shed.

It's right next to the Charleston Visitor's Center, and from time to time there are various events, usually oyster roasts to raise money for different organizations.

This particular Friday was no different, The Palmetto Society Oyster Roast raised money for YESCarolina (an organization that teaches youth about entrepreneurship). Most importantly, it was $20 for all-you-can-eat oysters, an open bar, and hot dogs and chili, not to mention the New South Players who were a-w-e-s-o-m-e!


We went with Jeff & Katie, and took full advantage of all the offerings. For the first oyster roast of the season, it wasn't too shabby! Always a good time.

Afterwards, we headed over to Biggie's for drinks and dessert. Pumpkin Cheesecake and some sort of crazy liquor drink that takes like 15 minutes to make! They have unbelievable drinks here, and they make their own tonic. Great tunes too!

The next day, we had an office picnic in Columbia, since we have offices in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte and Asheville, it was a central point for us to all meet up.

Clemson & Carolina typically don't mix well!
And later that evening, Clemson scared me to death with their battle with the Maryland Terrapins, which by the way I had to listen to on the radio, since my cable provider didn't carry the game! I was livid. But in the end, we won! As of that game, we were 7-0, baby! Hooray! Tune in tomorrow, when I talk about the game that made us 8-and-0!

Monday, October 24, 2011


It's been a week since my last post! Oops... so sorry. I've been a little under the weather, so when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is get back on the computer! And we were out of town this past weekend, so preparing for that and then being gone didn't help! Since I've been so slack, I'm going to try to write (at least a little bit) every day. So this may be brief, but at least it's something, right?

I'll start the week, where I left off last week, and that is the reason behind my dad's visit! Charleston has an amazing music venue that is unfortunately rarely used, and that's the Charleston Music Hall. You may recall that Brian and I went to see Gillian Welch and David Rawlings there recently?

Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings at the Music Hall

The trick is that October always proves to be a busy music month here in Charleston! It's as if all the bands avoid the area for the summer, and then when the weather finally gets cooler, they all descend upon our town! I can't say I blame them. Well, we had our month pretty much mapped out with the Felice Brothers, Deer Tick, Jason Isbell, and the Flaming Lips. The last two of those are this week!

Deer Tick at The Pour House

 However, we were on our way to work a couple of weeks ago, and heard on the radio that Lucinda Williams would be playing the Music Hall, and without hesitation Brian and I agreed that we had to add this one last concert to our schedule, rounding out the count to 5 shows in 1 month! Tiring and pricey, but totally worth it. We love supporting live music, especially at such a great venue.

Charleston Music Hall (left) & Rue de Jean (right)

So there we were about to order tickets and we thought, "hey, Dad likes Lucinda, maybe he'd like to join us", and sure enough he decided to come down for the show! Sunday a week ago, he came over to our house and shared stories and photos from his trip to Peru, as mentioned here, and then we made our way downtown for dinner at Rue de Jean, then next door to the Music Hall.

All in all, it was a great evening! Lucinda did not disappoint. Although she put on an albeit sad and depressing, slow first act (in typical Lucinda style), she came back strong after the intermission for a revved up, fast-paced second set. It was incredible, with a touching finale of Buffalo Springfield's "For What it's Worth". Here she is singing it at ACL 2011 in Austin...

If you aren't familiar with Lucinda Williams, I consider her kind of a bayou blues sound. She's from Louisiana, and what I love is that she sings about places I'm familiar with from my childhood, like Lake Pontchartrain and Mandeville. She's always been one of my favorites, but I've only ever seen her one other time. So this was a special treat, especially since my dad & Brian share this love for her!

Monday, October 17, 2011

contribu[tion] to my collec[tion]

I believe that I've shared my love of the sarcastic musings of the likes of Catalog Living and Unhappy Hipsters before, but this post (photo credit: West Elm) was particularly appealing to me today, especially since my dad brought me some very cool gifts last night that I'll share after the Catalog Living post below...

Gary buttered his toast with unapologetic enthusiasm despite the judgmental glare of the owl family.
(Source: Catalog Living)

How funny is that?! 

Let me just take this opportunity to say once again that I love owls. And I love owls because my maternal grandmother collected owls my WHOLE LIFE, and by no means am I attracted to them because they are the 'hip' thing to be attracted to these days! I swear, it seems that every store I shop these days has an owl display of some sort. Oh well. They still remind me of my Mawmaw, so that at least makes my heart happy! And maybe it's a phase, but I will continue to display them around the home until my husband says 'enough already'!

So, on to those gifts I mentioned. You may recall that my dad went to Peru back in August, and I just saw him for the first time last night, since his trip. More to come on why I saw him, later in the week! Anywho, he came bearing souvenirs from Peru! As well as gifts not from Peru! Some owls, some not owls. To my sister Allison - if you are reading - this may be a good time to close the browser. Don't go any further, you may or may not be getting similar gifts! So unless you want to ruin the surprise, you should probably look away!

Just to give her a little more time to second guess her decision to stay, I'll start with what's not from Peru. Some of you may know that my dad is quite the frequenter of a little site called Ebay. He is seriously obsessed, he's bought cars (yes, more than one). And anything else that strikes his fancy... a barber chair, a 4-wheel bike, a golf cart? The list goes on. He's also bought me an owl decanter in the past, and now he's added to my collection with this... 

Yes, it's an oil owl lamp (say that three times fast)!

Moving on to the souvenirs... I hope you're gone Allison! First up, traditional Peruvian footwear, socks made from alpaca wool! Ooh, toasty!

Theo really likes them.

 Next up, head wear. Again, alpaca wool! He loved the roaring 20's style of this, and I do too!

It's actually quite hard to photograph yourself, while not looking at the camera!

As seen here with these cool wooden owl earrings...

 And this precious little hand carved, folk art, gourd owl. 

Thanks Dad! I love EVERYTHING!!! You did very well in the souvenir department! And the photos from the trip were pretty incredible as well! Here are a few of my favorites that he took... 

an owl wall hanging in a restaurant
he ate this guinea pig! claimed it did not taste like chicken.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween decora[tion] - part 3

We have one more post to write about Halloween decorations, and then I'll lay off of this holiday until the actual day! I've had a lot of fun decorating this year, especially since it's our first year in the new house. It's been fun!

So the last room that I'll leave you with is the bathroom!

It started simply enough with this bat rubber ducky that I've had for years, and then it grew slightly from there. I saw these spider web hand towels at Target, and I couldn't pass them up!

I really love how they work with the black and white tiles in the bathroom, as well as the towels that we typically have hanging in there!

And then I saw this guy at Marshalls, and I had to bring him home!

Yes, it's a large bat! Larger than life-size, but creepy nonetheless. He's actually furry. And our little Halloween cat Rudy is very intrigued.

She got on top of the toilet and just meowed and meowed! Pretty funny! Here are some overall shots for the full effect! The orange shower curtain is always there, but it does work well with the theme!

And notice below how the hall rug ties in with the hand towels... that was purely by chance!

So there you have it, I think you've seen it all. At least anything worthy of posting!

We did get a pumpkin this past week...