Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween decora[tion] - part 3

We have one more post to write about Halloween decorations, and then I'll lay off of this holiday until the actual day! I've had a lot of fun decorating this year, especially since it's our first year in the new house. It's been fun!

So the last room that I'll leave you with is the bathroom!

It started simply enough with this bat rubber ducky that I've had for years, and then it grew slightly from there. I saw these spider web hand towels at Target, and I couldn't pass them up!

I really love how they work with the black and white tiles in the bathroom, as well as the towels that we typically have hanging in there!

And then I saw this guy at Marshalls, and I had to bring him home!

Yes, it's a large bat! Larger than life-size, but creepy nonetheless. He's actually furry. And our little Halloween cat Rudy is very intrigued.

She got on top of the toilet and just meowed and meowed! Pretty funny! Here are some overall shots for the full effect! The orange shower curtain is always there, but it does work well with the theme!

And notice below how the hall rug ties in with the hand towels... that was purely by chance!

So there you have it, I think you've seen it all. At least anything worthy of posting!

We did get a pumpkin this past week...


  1. cute Halloween stuff! I need to decorate more for the Holidays.

  2. fun! hadn't thought about halloween-ifying the bathroom. very cute idea.