Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween decora[tion]

It's October, ya'll! Woohoo... and the weather is cool. So far this month is starting off well! Now if Clemson could just win today, it would be a great start to the month, for sure!

I love Halloween, actually all holidays I guess, but I'm super excited to be spending the morning pulling out my decorations for Halloween. And I started the weekend by making a wreath for the front door.

I made the rounds this week, hitting up Marshall's, TJMaxx, Michael's, and Walmart, trying to gather all my supplies for an exciting decorating weekend. My plan all along was to purchase a wreath, but they were all $30 and up, and I just couldn't justify spending the money.

Walking through Michael's I saw this black owl for $4.99, and we all know how much I love owls, as seen here. So I figured I could use him somewhere around the house. He's a little ragged looking, but it's only because he's made of feathers, trust me, he's super-cute!

After carrying him around the store for a while, I came across the grapevine wreaths, and thought 'how fun would it be to make my own personalized wreath'?! So, I picked up the wreath, which the cats are fascinated by, by the way...

I also picked up some fake florals in fall colors, and some floral tape because I wasn't sure how the hell I was going to actually put this thing together! Here are all the supplies, which in the end cost me about $16. Score! Half the price of the fancy wreaths, and a lot more fun!

Sure enough, the floral tape worked, wrapping it around the claw-like feet of the owl to attach him to the wreath, then braiding the flower stem into the mix, and randomly winding floral tape around certain stems until it looked right. And voila, a Halloween wreath!


Happy October! More decor to come...