Sunday, October 9, 2011


Brian and I took a trip a few weekends ago to visit his family. He grew up in Monroe, Georgia, a charming town near Athens. The big news of this post is that his sister Tora invited us to stay at her house, so we could bring the cats with us! Whoa!

Tora and her family have a new kitten as well. Duchess is around the same age as our kittens, so this was going to be an experiment of sorts. On many levels! Car trip, someone else's house, kitty cousin...

So, here we go!

For the most part, they did excellent! We took my car so they would have plenty of room to roam, and we were able to put the seats down to allow for their litter box and food bowls.

Theo was the most curious, which is quite unusual. He was all over the place. Back and forth from Brian's lap to mine, then to the back and then back to the front. Constantly in motion, and a whole lot of meowing!

It seems Rudy is typically the more adventurous, but this time she hid under the luggage for the majority of the trip. She wasn't as impressed with the car experience.

After about 4-1/2 hours in the car, we arrived in time for dinner at Kathryn's. And after spending some quality time with the family, we made our way to Tora's to get the cats settled and acquainted.

Meet Duchess...

Duchess was not really a fan of having other felines in her territory. By Saturday morning, they were somewhat cordial.


All in all, our cats loved the big house to run around in, but unfortunately they didn't become best buds with their kitty cousin. They did however learn to maneuver stairs for the first time, which has proven unfortunate when we go up into our attic.

They also had never really been around kids before, and they actually did surprisingly well with being picked up and squeezed a lot!

All in all, their initiation into travel was a success! So maybe they'll be making road trips more often!

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