Wednesday, October 12, 2011


By Sunday, a plan was in order in Monroe, Georgia to check out the Sanders' warehouse. Turns out there was a lot of childhood memorabilia from the Sanders kids! And because the furniture store is talking about using this warehouse for the furniture & mattress storage, everything else needs to be thinned out!

I had never been in the warehouse, and it was actually a really cool structure on the inside!

I learned a lot more about Brian than I ever knew. Like the fact that he studied ventriloquism...

And he is not only super smart (salutatorian), but he also excelled in sports apparently (these are only about a 1/3 of the trophies we came across)...

And these were some of the boxes that were marked "Brian", including baby clothes and on through the college years...

By the time we left the warehouse, there were about 10 boxes of his left to go through, and we determined that since the car was already full, we'd have to wait for those last 10 on our next trip!

And at this time, I'll fill you in on some things that made their way back to Charleston with us. Some of those childhood memories are up on the auction block, folks!

So, if it's not bad enough that this is what my guest bedroom has looked like for the past (almost) three weeks...

This is sitting in my living room! Blending in with the rest of the Halloween decorations...

When I mentioned the 'auction block' earlier, I wasn't kidding! Brian has listed a lot of his Transformers collection on Ebay. Yes, it's true, he's parting ways with the Autobots, much to my dismay! Check this out - his Transformer collection shown as vehicles first...

then transformed into robot form!


I think "Venom" might be my favorite. Could have something to do with the orange/green combo, or the fact that he looks like a giant sherbet-colored housefly!

Although, you know this Porsche - named "Jazz" - isn't bad either! (and of course it's one of Brian's favorites - and most collectible, according to him)


Or "Dirge", the Decepticon airplane, "complete with tech spec card, 2 missiles, 2 fists, front landing gear, and instruction manual" according to Brian's Ebay posting!


Brian reminded me that another one of his favorites is "Blaster", the transforming boombox, such a symbol of the 1980s!


Don't worry though, there's more than Transformers! Brian has been busy cataloging his vintage Star Wars memorabilia as well - and those will be next to go up for auction!

There you have it, our trip to Monroe! Looking forward to the next time!

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