Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abby's birthday celebra[tion]

My stepsister Blair and her husband have been living in Albuquerque, New Mexico for what seemed like forever. She was doing her residency there, and a year ago they had a baby girl. Thankfully when her residency finished, they decided to move back to South Carolina, yay!

So for their daughter Abby's first birthday party, they went with a 'hot air balloon' theme in dedication of their old town of Albuquerque.

This is where the M&M's come in... my mom asked if I had any ideas for favors for the party, and I was so excited! This is totally my thing! I love creating any kind of invitation, or gift, or party favor, or really anything to do with parties, at all! So I set out to find the perfect idea for a favor. That is where I came across these awesome cups with a sticky rim, and my mind set to work on designing the card for them to go on!

I bought miniature M&M's, which were Brian's suggestion, and I spent what seemed like forever separating them out by color! Totally worth it.

The hot air balloon design came next, along with the saying... "Up, up, & away for Abby's 1st birthday!"

I was able to fit two cards on one 8-1/2x11 sheet of cardstock, and I had also purchased a hole punch that was the same size as the cups I'd bought. So once the cards were cut down to size, I punched the hole, stuck the cup through to the front (filled with candy), pulled off the protective film, and stuck the back to the inside of the card. 

They turned out really cute. I had big plans for them to stand up, but the candy was too heavy, so I decided to string a rope up, and hang them with clothespins, which made for a great decoration, as well.

The only problem, they were hanging in the sun, and some of them melted! There were lots of compliments, and all in all it was totally worth the effort!

Here are a few shots from the actual party...

The birthday girl!

And the cake... 

And the cutest hot air balloon decor, made from lanterns & take-out boxes...

Blair also made really cute table decorations that looked like hot air balloons with photos from each month of Abby's first year...

And of course, my sweet Ellie was there (& Allison too).

Here is one last look at the balloon favors. I must say that I'm looking forward to coming up with other fun things that I can do with the remainder of my cups! So fun!

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