Monday, November 21, 2011


Hope you all had a great weekend! Ever have one of those Mondays that you feel like you didn't rest at all over the weekend? That's the kind of Monday I'm having. I'm exhausted! Brian and I spent pretty much the whole weekend working on something, and we still aren't finished with what we were doing, but hopefully tonight we'll finish it up! Once finished, I'll definitely be posting a big reveal!

I'll give you a hint, there were lots and lots of trees involved...

Otherwise, I finally got to see Moe's re-opened! Brian, Jeff, & Katie had all gone last weekend while I was out of town, but they were kind enough to go back with me. It looks awesome, and the BLT is still extraordinary. Saturday was depressing with the Tigers loss to NC State. Can't believe we dropped from #7 in the polls to #17, but hey, maybe we need to be the underdog going into this coming Saturday's game against those stinkin' Gamecocks. Fingers crossed that Columbia isn't a replay of Raleigh! And then, finally last night was the annual Friendsgiving at my friend Alicia's house, and it was great to catch up with everyone over delicious food and good wine. Always a good time!

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