Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Most of you know how much Brian and I love going to see live music? Well, I experienced something like no other last Friday night! I didn't really know who the Flaming Lips were (it turns out I actually knew more songs that I would have thought), but Brian convinced me that I would not be disappointed if we bought tickets. And chances are that if we'd known that there would be so many good concerts in Charleston in the month of October, we probably wouldn't have spent the money to see a show that we both weren't convinced of. But boy am I glad we did!

If you have a desire to see a spectacle and the Lips are in town... go see them! I was mesmerized.

I was so impressed that even with a venue the size of the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, the band was still quite accessible. They were just hanging out on stage before the show, and then were talking to folks in the crowd during the show (Brian being one of them). The lead singer practically carried on a conversation with Brian during the opening dialogue. Mainly in relation to this...

Yes, that is the lead singer in a giant bubble, he dubbed the "Space Ball". He started at the stage, and made his way to the back of the auditorium and then back to the stage. We helped, since we were 2nd row, center! Which, by the way, these are the best seats I've EVER had at a concert. I know, Dad, our seats at Joe Cocker were pretty amazing, and I've been second row for Bob Dylan & the Indigo Girls (which were supposed to be first row, but don't get me started), but none of those were center!

These giant balls were also floating around the auditorium, pretty much the whole time. I'm not sure if they were just filled with helium or what, but I've never seen a slight tap send a ball flying so high, so quick!

There was also confetti. Lots of it! EVERYWHERE!

And not only were about three quarters of the audience members dressed in costume, but there were about 30 people (besides the band) on stage that were also dressed up. Not to mention these crazy, tall characters in the background!

There were also lots of lasers. A whole show coming from the rear of the stage to the audience, and then another show coming out of these HUGE hands that had lasers coming out of the palms, that Wayne (the lead singer) would shine at a disco ball. Craziness, I tell you!

He also played a gong that would shine tones of LED lights when he'd hit it. Notice the millions of LEDs coming from the backdrop as well!

Those LEDs were also connected to a camera on the mic stand. Unbelievable. Much love to the Flaming Lips. Here they are performing a song some of you may remember from the early 90's... maybe from 90210?!


  1. My brother said the same thing to me. you gotta see them if you ever get the chance. Sadly we were out of town when they were here. looks like so much fun!

  2. and you so so can make that wreath. easy peasy!

  3. The wreath truly looks great, Alison! I will definitely have to try it! And next time the Flaming Lips are ever in the vicinity of Charleston, you must go see them! Quite a treat!