Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas decora[tion]s - exterior

Since we had a weekend at home, we were able to focus our attention outside. To the decorating at least... otherwise our yard isn't looking so great, but it's winter, right?

I had grand visions of lining the eaves of the house with little white lights, and a candle in 17 windows (including the 2 in the attic), but in reality it just wasn't worth it. What we have is borderline tackiness already, so probably best that we skipped the extra frills. Anyway, it's not like we are throwing some big holiday party, or even that we'll be around for Christmas!

I'm satisfied with the fewer candles, a couple of wreaths, and garland draping the front porch. Even the poinsettias that I bought for the front planter boxes are remaining in their pots on the front porch. It's probably best that way! Do I really want to dig up the dead mums to replace them with flowers that will be dead too in a month? Not really.

So here she is, our lovely house in all her holiday glory. As a joke, Brian peeked out the window as I was snapping the shot, and since it's the best picture I got, he's in there! Joke's on him, I guess!

Here's a shot of the back door too, since it's clearly visible from the cross-street we decided to get a smaller wreath for that entry. We debated putting it on the shed, but I kind of like where it is. Maybe next year will get an extra one.

And of course a few close-ups on the front porch.

another reindeer!

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