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I owe you a few posts! It was just so exciting to have a post about doing work on our house, that I couldn’t bare to write another one for a while. I mean that IS what this blog was originally intended to be about! But alas, we are back to writing about life.

I’ll start with Thanksgiving, and the preparations for it. Since we are going on a big ski trip with Brian’s family in January, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with his family, and Christmas with mine, since we’ll be travelling so close to the holidays. So we made the trek down to Georgia.

Although before leaving Charleston, we had a huge feast at work, which is an annual event in our company that has been going on for 27 years! Basically, it’s a pot luck, where everyone brings food to share, and the boss brings the turkey! This year because of the influx in pecans that we’ve gotten from my mom’s yard, we decided to make a pecan pie, and also from mom’s yard… collard greens, which we made in the crock pot so they’d be nice and hot by our noon time lunch. And of course you have to have cornbread with collard greens, so we brought that as well.

We also took a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie to Penfield for the celebration with family. Say that three times fast… “pecan pie & pumpkin pie to Penfield, pecan pie & pumpkin pie to Penfield, pecan pie & pumpkin pie to Penfield”.

Penfield is Brian’s family homestead, and is actually about an hour & a half from where he grew up. The home was built in 1830 by Billington Sanders, who is Brian’s great, great, great grandfather, and also the first president of Mercer University which was founded in Penfield. I would love to give a history here of all stories of what this house was and is, but that would better be left to the family! So if Brian would like to chime in here, he can!

Basically, I think that it is awesome that a house has remained in the same family for 181 years! And it was also awesome to spend Thanksgiving with Brian, his sister Kathryn, our brother-in-law William, their children Rosalyn, Nell, and Fieldon, and my in-laws Charles & Veronica. Kathryn's theme for Thanksgiving night was Finster, frommage, and Federal Hills... Kathryn is part of a women's group that take turns monthly to do a 'lesson' on something and the topic for this year is museums, so she did a mini-documentary on one of her long-time favorite artists Howard Finster, who is a Georgia native. For her movie, she had Brian do the voice-over narration, and since we hadn't seen the finished product, it was exciting to see! During our 'viewing party' we had baked Brie which is where the 'frommage' came into play, and it turns out that Federal Hills are a type of cocktail... 

Federal Hill recipe: Pour 4 ounces of cranberry juice and 1-1/2 ounces of Campari into a well-chilled rocks glass. Top with soda water and garnish with a slice of lemon. 

The food was a definite highlight as well! Kathryn outdid herself, with rosemary-infused turkey, sweet potato casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, oyster stuffing, and on and on… I’m too hungry to keep typing.

oyster casserole

William really getting into his gravy-making

Charles carving the turkey
craziness of getting it all to the table

And we are ready for the blessing!

Sitting by the fire, knitting, playing games in the evenings are all fond memories as well.

Friday, we all went on a long walk through the pastures, and there were horses galore! There is a man that rents the fields from Charles.

We also went into the town of Greensboro with Charles and Veronica that afternoon to do a little shopping at some of their many antique stores. It's a cute little town!

There is also a cemetery in Penfield where generations of Sanders family members are buried. It too is a nice walk to get to, and very cool to walk around and see graves dating back to the early 1700's.

my favorite gravestone reads "She hath done what she could". LOVE IT!

Brian's mom is buried here

A few more photos from around Penfield...

What a happy Thanksgiving it was! 

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