Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, yesterday you heard about where we got our tree, and finally I get to share it all decorated! Yes, we’ve finally have Christmas decor again! Last year, we were living in transition. You may recall our bicycle tree…

We didn’t get an actual tree last year, and unfortunately all of our decorations were packed away in storage. The year before that, we had quite a busy December, since we got married and went on a honeymoon! Therefore we didn’t decorate then either. So this year is a big deal! It’s our first year in our house, and our first year married that we’ve actually decorated! Also, since we got married in December, we were given several ornaments as wedding gifts, as well as our Christmas china that my mom bought for us! It was so fun pulling out all the décor that we haven’t seen in SO long!

The mantel...

Closeups of the mantel...

Close-ups of the tree, including bells that were rung as my sister & Brad left their wedding reception, and Brian and I left ours. We were all married in December, and rather than throwing rice or using sparklers, we rang bells!

One of the many tigers representing my love of Clemson...

And a plaster poinsettia from the Charleston Preservation Society, also the gift I gave my wedding party.

It took the better part of the week to decorate, between rain, backaches, getting back in the swing of things at work, pure exhaustion, etc. But finally, the inside of the house is done (for now)! I'll share a few more photos of the inside tomorrow!


  1. btw those retro red christmas trees on the mantel were scored by jennifer over thanksgiving at one of the antique shops in old downtown Greensboro, Georgia - the Greensboro Antique Mall. while checking out, the cashier said "well those are interesting"... to which jennifer replied: "yes they are!"

  2. Looks very beautiful in here - wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, that was a beautiful Christmas tree! I love what you did on your bike and turned it into something so fantastic holiday sight.

    Happy Holidays, from
    Anne Walker
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