Monday, December 19, 2011

pet infec[tion]

(Dad, you may not care to read this one)

I have several things I want to tell you about, but I'll start with this, since I'll be mentioning it in the next post. So here goes...

It all starts with last Tuesday (a week ago tomorrow), when we noticed that our little girl kitten, Rudy, was favoring cleaning herself in one particular spot. Well, we didn't really pay much attention until we got home from work that night, and she was still working on the same spot. So we decided to investigate and found a nasty black hole of a wound on her hind leg. Well, by this time it was about 7pm, so no veterinarians would be open at this hour, except the Emergency Vet, which is exactly where we ended up.

A long car ride to Mt Pleasant with lots of meowing, two shots, a prescription for an antibiotic, a shaved backside, and an e-collar later, we were on our way home with this...

You can see the excitement in her eyes!

The doctor thinks that she was probably bitten by another cat in the neighborhood. We had let them outside on Sunday to play, and I'm assuming that's when it probably happened. She has to have her medication both morning and night, and wears the collar full-time. At first we had to keep the cats separated, but after a few days it just became exhausting, so we are back to having them share a room.

All in all, she's done well, but she despises her medicine (which is injected into her mouth via syringe), and the past few mornings we've found her with one arm through the neck of the collar, and she's hobbling around all excited for the semi-freedom. Hopefully, we'll be back to normal by the end of this week. Fingers-crossed.

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