Saturday, December 3, 2011


We got our Christmas tree! As you know, we were out of town for the entire Thanksgiving holiday, so the first chance I got (lunch break on Monday), we went to buy our Christmas tree! It was kind of an accident actually.

We went to lunch with our co-workers Jay & Jennifer at Moe’s Crosstown (our favorite neighborhood bar that just re-opened). We all live in the same general vicinity, so we were discussing how cool it was that there was a Christmas tree lot in our neighborhood, and as we finished our lunch, we decided to go check it out, since the office needed a Christmas tree, right? When we pulled up, we realized there were actually two lots within a block of each other, so we had to check them both out, to compare prices, you know?

Well, Jay’s wife works at a garden center on James Island, and both he and Jennifer had already bought trees from there, and said the selection and prices were comparable, if not better. Brian and I decided to put off buying a tree until later that night, when J & J suggested we run by Hyam’s (the garden center) and check it out. So we did, and yes the prices were much better and although we wouldn’t be supporting our neighborhood tree lot, we would be supporting the business that our friend Amelia works for! J & J found a tree for the office, and we found one for our house, so we loaded them both onto Jennifer’s car and headed back to the office. At which point we transferred our tree to our car, where it sat all afternoon in the parking lot!

Come back tomorrow to see it all decorated!

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