Tuesday, December 20, 2011


You may recall in the Thanksgiving post, that we celebrated that holiday with Brian's family, and we'll be heading to Colorado with them in a few weeks to ski for Brian's dad Charles' 70th birthday celebration! Therefore, we'll be spending Christmas with my family (yay!). However, we squeezed in an early Christmas in Georgia this past weekend with his family and although I'll get to that post, I wanted to share another event that we had while in Georgia as well!

YARD SALE! Brian's sisters had planned a huge yard sale (to help raise funds for the Colorado trip and...) to clean out their houses for the new year. Brian and I took a few things that we too were looking to get rid of, in hopes of making a little cash, but also to just spend the day with the Chapman's and Lucas'!

Here I am saying "please don't leave without taking all this stuff!". At least that's what I was saying in my head!

As it turns out, Brian and I didn't make nearly the cash that the other families did, but we had a lot less stuff. Some of which made the trip home with us for another yard sale that we hope to have in the Spring. I'm hoping that sometime in early 2012 that I can finally clean my things out of my sister's attic. It's been there for years, so it's about time! As well as anything in my mom's attic, my own attic, and our storage unit. There's a lot out there, in random places, and we need to gather it, and sell it!

Springtime in Charleston should be nice, so that's the goal.

More on our Christmas in Georgia celebration in the next post!

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