Sunday, February 12, 2012

bedroom composi[tion]

So as I was working on my closet a few weeks back, Brian was working on another project. Art for above our bed! 'm not sure that I ever shared the story of how he had my wedding band engraved with the words "you are my sunshine", and by chance I had his engraved with "one sunset at a time". I always thought it was funny that we both managed to incorporate the sun into a rainy wedding day!

That became the inspiration for the much needed art above our bed. We started with a nice piece of wood and a pack of letter stencils. Along with yellow paint (leftover from our guest bathroom) and white paint (leftover from various other projects).

After measuring out the text placement, and cutting the board to the appropriate size for the eventual location, Brian painted the background yellow. 

The next day, after the paint had time to dry, he started on the letters.

And after weeks of debating whether it needed a little something extra, we decided to do a shadow line, first in pencil, then in red (which is quickly becoming our accent color in the space). And then we finally took the plunge and hung it on the wall today!

 We also hung our fleur de lis towel hook in the nook!

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