Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb Photo-A-Day Challenge - comple[tion]

Hallelujah! Don't get too excited though, there's more to come tomorrow morning. But for now, we'll be satisfied in the fact that I managed to make through 29 days of February photography, thanks to fatmumslim for the inspiration!

As a reminder, here was the list:

And although the collage below is in no particular order, I still think it looks pretty cool!

Probably easier to see it broken down by week...

my view, hands, words, button, a stranger, dinner, 10am

blue, self-portrait, makes you happy, heart, sun, front door, inside your closet

time, something new, something you hate to do, drink, a fave photo of you,
handwriting, phone

where you work, night,something you are listening to, something you ate,
your shoes, green, money, inside your bathroom cabinet

It's definitely fun to look back at the month! There are definitely a few favorites that I have, like "hands" and "drink"...

Do you have a favorite?


  1. omg! look at your closet & how neat & organized it is!!!! how fun are your mardi gras masks! love them!

    thank you so much for sharing your month in review! awesome pics!!!

    happy weekend!

  2. Hi! I'm Leslie. I found your blog on the Nest of Posies link party. Your pics are lovely and the house renovation is fabulous! Also, I love all your lists. I'm a list girl too!

  3. The collage looks awesome! I love the hands photo as well :) What a neat way to organize your jewelry too, in your closet...I may have to borrow the idea! I'm stopping by from Nest of Posies. Happy Friday!
    ~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone! And for all the compliments!!