Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine & Photo Challenge participa[tion] - Day 14


February 14, 2012
Again with the photos on my phone + at work. Boo. But I couldn't resist photographing this cookie for the "heart" photo. Lots o' sugar today, my friends!

I also wanted to share how I treated my Valentine this year, since he spoiled me yesterday with flowers and then dinner. I decided to do 14 surcee (is the plural of surcee, surcee?) throughout the day, so every hour on the :14 minute, I left him a note on silly little gifts. At 8:14, as we left the house, he reached for his daily breakfast of banana, which had a little note tied to it that said "you a-'peel' to me". And yes, it got even cheesier from there! Here are a few of the other little gifts he received...

Maybe we'll share a few more examples tomorrow! I'm not sure I'd recommend this, or do it again myself, as I think that he may have gotten a little annoyed seeing me at his desk hour after hour! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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