Saturday, June 9, 2012

linen closet organiza[tion]

As Brian has been working diligently on the bathroom, I thought I'd start organizing some closets. The closet in the future nursery is filled with boxes that were never unpacked, as well as gift wrap and greeting cards, while the guest bedroom closet is shelving that is stacked with miscellaneous building materials, drop cloths, blankets/pillows, etc.

I decided this should be strictly for sheets, blankets, pillows, and the air mattress, and if there was room, we'd see what else made sense, but first I had to clear it out.

The blank slate really helped, and after a little cleaning it was ready to fill up again!

Much better! Organized, and with things that belong in a guest room no less! Let's take a closer look...

top shelf: extra pillows, quilts and blankets
sheet sets (left), comforters (right)

beach towels (left); miniature hotel toiletries (center); blankets (right)
air mattress (left); gift wrap (right)

That last photo shows where I had some extra room in the bottom of the closet, so I put it to good use, getting the gift wrap, gift bags, bows, etc out of the other closet and all into a contained place in the guest room.

Also, I must admit, I watched an internet tutorial on 'how to fold sheet sets', otherwise they would NOT look like that! 

Phew! Glad to have at least one closet done! Now if only I could get the other one unpacked, along with the boxes that are currently stacked in the wardrobe. The wardrobe will not only be a place for guests to hang their clothes, but it may hold Brian's guitars, amp, microphone, etc. That's the plan!

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