Friday, June 8, 2012

work sta[tion]

The future nursery has slowly become the catch-all room of our house, so we are desperately trying to find a home for various pieces of furniture, books, and miscellaneous items.

Today was the first step in what will surely be a long line of attempts at clearing out this room. In an effort to keep the dresser in the guest bedroom, we shifted the bed over to allow for the dresser to work double-duty as a nightstand. Thus, clearing a space for the desk to move into this room, so that it is now not only the guest room, but the office as well!

Well, we finally moved my grandfather's desk, as well as the computer and desk chair into the space! It was a little more effort on Brian's part than anticipated, since he was forced to spend a significant amount of time on the phone with our internet provider. The cable is actually on the wall with the bed, and rather than have a cable going across the room, he hooked up some sort of wireless connection, and got it all working. Thanks Brian!

So one small step closer to setting up the nursery!

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