Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby shower celebra[tion] #1

While on vacation with my family, a surprise shower was thrown! And boy was I surprised! My niece Ellie hand-delivered an invitation just before the party started, so we walked over to the house next door that was decorated to the nines! Two banners with an owl theme hung on either side of the room, and the food table was covered with yummy brunch items with a bicycle centerpiece that can be re-used in the nursery!

"Look whooo's having a baby" banner with individual, unique owls sitting on each pendant.

And on to the food... 

Owl cheese ball
Owl-shaped cinnamon toast with homemade apple butter
Chicken & Waffles on a stick! My Aunt Carol knows how much I love Roscoe's!
large fruit bowl with dipping sauce, miniature pigs in a blanket, and sausage casserole were among the other delectables!
Owl cookies

And the favors were what Carol referred to as "Owl Chow", which is Chex mix covered in peanut butter, then rolled in powdered sugar. It. is. delicious!
Cousin Matthew was the bartender, making mimosas and bloody mary's

The tables overlooking the inlet were adorned with pink flowers...

And Ellie looking cute, as always...

I know this is a terrible photo of me, but it's the only picture that I have of the awesome corsage that Carol made! She started with the ribbon from the corsage that she wore in our wedding, and added the owl and flowers for the shower... 

by the way, that is not my bloody mary sitting there!
Papa, Ellie, and Onnie during the present-opening.

Speaking of presents, little Baby Sanders really racked up! There were lots of owl-themed gifts, including swaddling blankets, blankets, framed art, stuffed animals, a carry-all bag, onesies and a bib, and a couple of snuggle-buddy security blankets.

And other gifts like diapers, lotion, soap, shampoo, wipes, a bicycle onesie, baby hangers, a soothing teddy bear that plays womb sounds and songs, as well as a "pocket nanny" that tracks all the important stuff that baby does, like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, etc!

Here's a photo of the bicycle centerpiece; the favors (owl chow & owl cookie); the other favors that are Hershey bars covered in craft paper and bows, only revealing the "HER" from HERSHEY; the owl invitation; and owl napkin which matched the plates, cups, and utensils!

What a great surprise, and what a great party! Thanks everyone!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


We did it! We finally did it! We sold Brian's car and bought a 4-door car!!

First off, a huge thank you to my mom and step-dad for buying the beloved Mini Cooper. Brian is excited that it will "still be in the family", so he can drive his old car whenever we go visit.

And after searching long and hard, for months on end, with help from both of our dads, scouring Ebay and classifieds, and car lots, we finally made the leap and bid on a Volvo S60 on Ebay! And we "won". Fortunately for us, the car was in Savannah, which is only about a 2-1/2 hour drive from Charleston. So we didn't have to worry with plane tickets to some remote location with a pending roadtrip to endure.

So glad we'll have a safe, 4-door car to bring our little one home in! Woohoo! I feel as if I've graduated to adulthood after driving a Volkswagon Bug, 2 Geo Metros, a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and an Explorer Sport... I finally have a car with more than 2 doors! 

Friday, July 20, 2012


Still not much progress on the nursery, but we did hang the curtains! One baby step at a time! I ordered Pottery Barn red & white gingham black-out panels on ebay, and when they arrived I just couldn't wait to see them up! Neither could Rudy apparently!

You can see the light blue walls, but unfortunately the color in the photos isn't exactly true to color!

We are having the glider reupholstered with a chevron fabric, but you can see the pillow on the rocker and how it coordinates with the curtain.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

illumina[tion] - nursery lamp

Our goal for the nursery is to create a room that feels like the outdoors, with a bicycle-theme thrown in on the side. Sky blue walls, grass green rug, sunshine yellow ceiling fan, red & white gingham curtains... and then bicycles! 

Unfortunately, that vision won't come to fruition for a little while, since a) there are still lots of boxes and miscellaneous furniture to move out, b) we have a week-long vacation coming up, and c) I'm still gathering all the fabrics and items to put in there! Which means that we are taking baby steps. I'm trying to do little projects here and there that will contribute to the impending theme, and then a little later in the summer my mom & aunt are going to come visit and help me make it all a reality!

The first of these small projects that we did was to frame the pregnancy announcement. It too was a bicycle-theme, so it felt appropriate to frame it for the nursery. Most likely it will hang in some sort of montage, since it is quite small!

This next project is something I had been putting off for a while, since I wasn't quite sure how to tackle it. I bought this cute tandem fabric a while back, and now I realize it's quite girly with the flowers in the basket, so good thing it's a girl! I ordered this from Spoonflower, and it's called "vintage traveler - dijon". I have found that Spoonflowers unique fabrics tend to run high on price, so I try to use it sparingly. I've recently ordered another fabric for the changing pad cover that I'm planning to make. Again, a small project with a fabric I couldn't resist.

But now back to the project at hand! My plan was to buy a simple lamp with white lampshade and somehow adhere the fabric to the lampshade. That's where I was stumped. Until this weekend when I discovered Mod Podge! I know I've heard of it in the past (I mean it's been around for over 40 years), and I've probably even used it in some art projects way back, but I'm excited to have become reacquainted with it again! I actually bought it for another project that is forthcoming, but for now I'm glad to know that it works with fabric too! Of course they make a specific Fabric Mod Podge, but I just went with what I had on hand.

Also, instead of purchasing a whole new lamp, I reused one that I already had, but just bought a lampshade for about $8 to make it a whole new lamp.

Here's the before:

And here we are with the new, white lampshade (better already):

To start, I laid the fabric out and rolled the shade across it to trace the outline that I would be working with. (Sorry, no photos of this step, but should be pretty self-explanatory.)

The next step was a hint that I learned online from a blog that's appropriately called Mod Podge Rocks! They say that before you do any of these type of projects with fabric, you should cover the fabric with Mod Podge and let it dry for a couple of hours. This will make the fabric like oil cloth, and it should cut like paper. So I figured it's worth a shot! They also recommend laying the fabric on a layer of wax paper to protect the surface below, and then apply with a paint brush.

I decided to hang it to dry, since it did seem to bunch up a little. I thought hanging it may take some of those wrinkles out. And it seemed to dry faster than the recommended time.

I decided to be brave and cut about a quarter of an inch within my line, so as to leave a white trim on the lampshade and create a more finished look. I knew that I had only used about half my fabric and if I had to start over I could. This is really why I took Mod Podge Rocks! advice, since I thought it would make the cutting crisper and easier because I wouldn't have the forgiveness of being able to wrap it over the edges.

Next, I cut, which was the most nerve-wracking part of the whole process. No turning back!

The pre-application of Mod Podge to the fabric was the most crucial step of the whole process! It prevented any fraying from the fabric, and not only that but I was also able to erase all the pencil marks that were still showing up. It was pretty incredible!

I also used clothespins to align the top of the fabric where I wanted, which allowed me to go back and cut any excess at the bottom that wasn't lining up quite right.

Then I applied the Mod Podge to the lampshade, in small increments in order to smooth out the fabric and prevent any wrinkles. I also applied it on top of the fabric as well. Even though it goes on white, it dries clear, and provides a protective finish to the shade. 

And the shade was done! Now it just needed to dry.

It is by no means perfect... with air bubbles, a little cat hair, and even a gap in fabric in the back, but overall I'm pleased with it! Here you have the finished product! 


The before & after....

All in all, this took about 2 hours (which included drying time)! Not too shabby!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

super ac[tion]

22 weeks 6 days

I laid down in bed tonight, and for the first time I actually saw the baby squirming around. My stomach would move all of a sudden with a kick or a jolt. Freaky and awesome! Love the movement, since it reminds me everything is good.

Monday, July 9, 2012


In regards to the blog, we never officially announced what we are having!

It's a GIRL! 

We are 22 weeks now, and we found out about a week and a half ago that we are having a little girl. We were quite shocked and excited! All the signs had pointed to boy... Chinese calendars, the baking soda gender test, the wedding ring gender test, cravings of sour over sweet, and even the doctor (who had an 85% accuracy) predicted it was a boy based on the lower heart rate and increased movement. 

We also had a boy name picked out, but of course the girl name is still up in the air!

I just got these photos, and I should have mentioned it earlier, but my sister put up pink and blue polka dot balloons out on the porch and she had gotten pink and blue iced cupcakes from our favorite bakery, Sugar Bakeshop!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brian's sister and her family were in town for a few days over the 4th of July, and we were able to head out on the sailboat for an afternoon cruise. It was great to spend some quality time with them!