Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby shower celebra[tion] #1

While on vacation with my family, a surprise shower was thrown! And boy was I surprised! My niece Ellie hand-delivered an invitation just before the party started, so we walked over to the house next door that was decorated to the nines! Two banners with an owl theme hung on either side of the room, and the food table was covered with yummy brunch items with a bicycle centerpiece that can be re-used in the nursery!

"Look whooo's having a baby" banner with individual, unique owls sitting on each pendant.

And on to the food... 

Owl cheese ball
Owl-shaped cinnamon toast with homemade apple butter
Chicken & Waffles on a stick! My Aunt Carol knows how much I love Roscoe's!
large fruit bowl with dipping sauce, miniature pigs in a blanket, and sausage casserole were among the other delectables!
Owl cookies

And the favors were what Carol referred to as "Owl Chow", which is Chex mix covered in peanut butter, then rolled in powdered sugar. It. is. delicious!
Cousin Matthew was the bartender, making mimosas and bloody mary's

The tables overlooking the inlet were adorned with pink flowers...

And Ellie looking cute, as always...

I know this is a terrible photo of me, but it's the only picture that I have of the awesome corsage that Carol made! She started with the ribbon from the corsage that she wore in our wedding, and added the owl and flowers for the shower... 

by the way, that is not my bloody mary sitting there!
Papa, Ellie, and Onnie during the present-opening.

Speaking of presents, little Baby Sanders really racked up! There were lots of owl-themed gifts, including swaddling blankets, blankets, framed art, stuffed animals, a carry-all bag, onesies and a bib, and a couple of snuggle-buddy security blankets.

And other gifts like diapers, lotion, soap, shampoo, wipes, a bicycle onesie, baby hangers, a soothing teddy bear that plays womb sounds and songs, as well as a "pocket nanny" that tracks all the important stuff that baby does, like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, etc!

Here's a photo of the bicycle centerpiece; the favors (owl chow & owl cookie); the other favors that are Hershey bars covered in craft paper and bows, only revealing the "HER" from HERSHEY; the owl invitation; and owl napkin which matched the plates, cups, and utensils!

What a great surprise, and what a great party! Thanks everyone!!

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