Saturday, July 21, 2012


We did it! We finally did it! We sold Brian's car and bought a 4-door car!!

First off, a huge thank you to my mom and step-dad for buying the beloved Mini Cooper. Brian is excited that it will "still be in the family", so he can drive his old car whenever we go visit.

And after searching long and hard, for months on end, with help from both of our dads, scouring Ebay and classifieds, and car lots, we finally made the leap and bid on a Volvo S60 on Ebay! And we "won". Fortunately for us, the car was in Savannah, which is only about a 2-1/2 hour drive from Charleston. So we didn't have to worry with plane tickets to some remote location with a pending roadtrip to endure.

So glad we'll have a safe, 4-door car to bring our little one home in! Woohoo! I feel as if I've graduated to adulthood after driving a Volkswagon Bug, 2 Geo Metros, a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and an Explorer Sport... I finally have a car with more than 2 doors! 

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