Tuesday, August 28, 2012

infla[tion] due to loca[tion]

I had a doctor's appointment today, and they seem to be coming more frequently now that I'm going every two weeks! I am measuring (right on target) at 29 weeks. The best news of the day was that I PASSED the 3-hour glucose test... woohoo! The doctor said that all my numbers were perfect, even iron which was low 2 weeks ago. Such a relief, and good to know that I can still satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!

Over the last 3 to 4 weeks, my hands and feet/ankles have been swelling, especially on my left side, which I have found quite puzzling. The interesting thing is that the doc said that the baby is on my left side, and that she is most likely causing the off-balance swelling. She suggested lying on my right side to relieve pressure and get the blood flowing on the left! So interesting. Another interesting tidbit, is that because the baby is favoring lying on her left side, with her head down, and feet near my ribs, that she will most likely favor lying on her left side once she's born as well! Do you have a preference on which side you lie on? Most likely that's how you were in the womb!

I was sharing this info with my sister, and she asked if maybe that meant the baby might be left-handed, but I can't imagine that's true, since I favor lying on my left side, but I'm right-handed. Which then lead me to do a little research because that's what I do when I get something in my head! I found some interesting facts about left-handed people (according to

  • Research has shown a link between trauma during gestation or during birth with an increased chance of being left-handed.
  • Mothers who are over 40 at the time of a child’s birth are 128% more likely to have a left-handed baby than a woman in her 20s. 
  • Ultrasounds show that in the womb, 90% of babies appear to favor the right thumb, which corresponds to population breakdowns of right-handers and left-handers. 
  • When placed on their tummies, right-handed babies tend to turn their heads to the right. Left-handed babies usually turn their heads to the left or they don’t show any preference. 
  • Some scientists have suggested that left-handers were originally in the womb with a twin that did not survive, or a “Vanishing Twin."

These are only 5 fun facts out of 56 that are listed on the website above. Obviously, I only shared the ones that have to do with babies and the womb. Interestingly enough, my dad is left-handed, so maybe she'll take after her granddaddy!

Speaking of hands, have I mentioned the painful tingling in my fingers? Sometimes it's so bad that I feel like I can't grip things like a writing pen or a drinking glass. It's most painful during the night, while I'm trying to sleep, but is generally still lingering most of the morning as well. Afternoons are mild, but there's still a hint of discomfort. Apparently this is normal during pregnancy, and my doctor suggests carpel tunnel braces, which I may be purchasing tomorrow! Should go great with my compression stockings! Don't worry, a mental image is all you are getting of that!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

rug finaliza[tion]

Ok, so you may remember the rug rage that I put forth here. And since that post several things have happened...

I bought a rug from The Land of Nod.

It's called "Sweater on the Floor" in green. It is 4 ft x 6 ft. And I loved it. I thought the color was perfect. However, the size was not. As seen evidenced below.

Way too small.

Several folks tried to help. Sending links, and offering other solutions, but I thought I had found "the one", alas it was not. I appreciated all the advice, but in the end, I couldn't bare the thought of ordering yet another rug, only to be disappointed in the end. I truly wanted to go into a store and be blown away by something.

Somehow I knew that IKEA would come through for me. From the start, I scoured their website, realizing that it was a shot in the dark, and that I would have to wait until I could make the 3-hour drive to Charlotte (the closest IKEA to us, ridiculous!) to see for myself. That's exactly what I did this weekend. I convinced my mom to spend the day with me at what I consider my all-time favorite store of all time. She had never been there, so was up for the challenge, and I believe she shares the love!

In browsing the rugs, we came across the Hampen...

Not only is it a great color and a good texture, it is 5'-3" x 7'-7", and was only $79.99! Awesome! And at that price, I couldn't leave the store without it. After text messaging back and forth with Brian, it was determined that it was a winner.

Here's a shot of it in the room.

We may rotate it, but waiting on the crib, so that all the furniture is in the room to see how it best fits. Here is a close-up, and then a close-up of Theo who was curious why I was laying on the floor taking photos of the rug.  

And a shot of me at 29 weeks! Everything is going well. Lots of moving around from the little gal! I had my 3-hour glucose test this past Friday and should find out the results in the next few days.

Sundays are the worst days for me to take photos, since I usually don't leave the house, and I look so rough! Oh well, just focus on the belly!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

28 weeks

So today I am 28 weeks pregnant! The baby is apparently the size of an eggplant (according to several baby websites that track this sort of thing). I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, where I unfortunately failed the 1-hour glucose test, so therefore have to proceed with the 3-hour test to determine if I have gestational diabetes. Fingers-crossed, I won't, since I was barely above the limit on the test from Friday. Everything else seems to be progressing nicely.

Finally feel like I'm "pregnant enough" that people can at least tell that I am in fact pregnant, although sometimes I wonder. I guess folks are still nervous about the "what if she's not". They always seem relieved when I bring up in casual conversation that we are in fact expecting.

Anyway, it's been a great weekend, as I finally got some much-needed filing done, and we've managed to clear out about 90% of the stuff that doesn't belong in the nursery (ie. boxes of junk/stuff/keepsakes that we can't seem to get rid of), and rearranged furniture.

A good friend of mine got married last night, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I love weddings, and this was a great one! Here is a photo of Brian and I inside the reception at Hibernian Hall in downtown Charleston.

Not the greatest photo, since it was taken with a phone, but at least gives you an idea! I was so sore today from all the dancing last night. It was quite the party, and there were plenty of great friends there to share in the fun!

Then today, I went to a Photography Workshop in North Charleston! It was a 4-hour course on digital photography, and I at least feel like I have a little bit of a better grasp on how to use the camera. It will definitely take practice, but I'm excited to know some tips that will at least help me get started before the baby comes! Here are a few practice shots that I took of small vignettes in the nursery. You'll notice that we've hung some new artwork as well!

This first piece is from an artist out of Malaysia that I found on Etsy. It's called Owl Wow Awww, from ilovedoodle. I love that it shares our love of both owls and bikes!


The next vignette shows a tandem bicycle print that we already had, which is also from Etsy, and is an artist who is actually local (PerlaAnne's print called we are so good together)! The other is an owl print that my Aunt Carol framed for the baby shower a few weeks ago, along with the bicycle.

All in all, a fun weekend. Sorry to see it come to an end!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Brian has had a glider for years (way before we met), and now that we are expecting a baby in the near future, it will come in handy for the nursery! Sorry for the cell phone 'before' pic...

The problem was that it was a rough, scratchy tan material, that wasn't the most fun "look" for the room, but his sister Tora recommended their (Sanders Furniture Store's) upholsterer recover the cushions. She suggested picking out a fabric that we liked, and then sending the fabric and cushions back to Georgia to be redone.

The first step was finding a fabric that we liked, and with all the other colors and fabrics in the room, my choice was to go with a grey and white chevron pattern. It's light and playful (and all the rage now), but something that I love. There is a local store in town, Not Just Fabrics, where we stopped in one day. And although they do carry it, because of it's popularity they were sold out! So we ordered about 3 yards, so we'd have plenty for the chair and hopefully some leftover for other projects in the room, and waited for it to come in. The good thing is that the week it arrived, was a week that Brian's dad & stepmom were coming to visit, so they were able to carry it back to Georgia for the upholsterer!

And an even greater surprise was that it's already done, and was brought back to Charleston this weekend by Sheila who works at the furniture store (and happened to be coming to visit friends in the area for the weekend)! So here it is, all finished!

I LOVE it! So cheery!

You may or may not notice the location of the chair has changed, as we rearranged furniture this weekend, and determined that space wasn't allowing for our original plan. The new arrangement will work out just fine though!

The only missing piece of furniture at the moment is the crib, which should be in soon. And it seems the rug is still up for debate! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ok, can I just share my rug debacle with you? Or as I like to call it, RUG RAGE!

This is the story of me in search of a new rug for our nursery. In my mind, all I wanted was a grass green rug. Just a reminder that we are going for a 'sunny day' theme... complete with sky blue walls, yellow ceiling fan, red & white gingham curtains (imagine a picnic), and lots of bicycles. So this means grass green rug, right?

Then there was a bedding dilemma, which lead to me giving up on the whole "let's do bicycle-themed bedding", to me deciding "hey this is silly, let's go with something simple and affordable"... goodbye Etsy, hello Target! That's where we met Mod Dots, which ties all these random colors of blue, red, yellow, and green together, and provides the glue that holds this whole room together.

Awesome, a circle pattern that also included brown and grey, that would essentially allow for me to use my other fave fabrics...

Chevron for the glider:

And "wheels on the bike" for the changing pad cover:

With all the circles, I thought "hey, let's go with a round rug!" And that's when I found the perfect rug. It was on, and it was the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect color, and a great price!

Exhibit A - Manhattan Green Area Rug (6' Round):

Until they sent me the WRONG rug. It is brown and green. Meaning there are just as many brown threads as there are green ones.

Exhibit B - Manhattan Tweed Green/ Brown Shag Rug (8' Round):

I guess they thought they were doing me a favor with the 2 extra feet, but it's dark and ugly, and so-not-nursery-worthy! So, we returned it, and went back to the website to see if it were possible for them to just SEND US THE RIGHT RUG... and it is "out of stock". Are you kidding me?

I failed to mention that I only found this particular (perfect) rug after hours of searching online. And once I found it, you wouldn't believe the research I did to make sure the "soft polypropylene construction" would be safely suited for a baby to lay on. We don't want any foreign, dangerous materials in there! Ugh. Back to the drawing board. 

It's at this point that I give up on finding the round rug. There are no other round rugs that exist in the universe that compare to my first Manhattan green love. And here's where old, reliable Target comes into play. And it's now that my mom & sister join in on the fun. They happen to be shopping at Target one day, and after several text messages, a few emails, and even some phone calls, there are several options put forth. And I rushed out to Target and bought this...

Which did not work. It clashed with the pale blue walls, and just did not go with the Mod Dots fabric. Too light, and not enough umph! And it's just now that I'm realizing that this next one is probably the one that my mom was steering me towards...

However, I didn't see this one (although I'm going to look for it when I return the other one)! These rugs are both a little on the small side at 4' x 5.5', and the price although good, ranging from $49 to $65, they seem cheap, and almost like over-sized bathmats. 

The one I really wanted from Target was this one...

But as you can see it is "No Longer Available For Purchase". Wow.

That's when I discovered this one on The Land of Nod

It's called the "Sweater on the Floor" rug, appropriately so, since it's 100% cotton cable-knit. I love the color, I love the price, and the only concern I have is the size. At 4'x6', it's still on the small side, but it's ordered. So now we wait. And we cross our fingers and our toes and our legs that this is the PERFECT rug.  It seems to match the Mod Dots too...

If it is not the PERFECT rug though, there is a 5x7 rug waiting in the wings that my mom found the other day that could be the next contender. Looks just like grass she says, and is soft and comfortable to boot.

I'm also "watching" about 5 rugs on ebay, as well! To be continued...

Am I crazy? Should I care this much about something that I'm going to walk all over anyway? Ah, the terrible curse of being a designer!