Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ok, can I just share my rug debacle with you? Or as I like to call it, RUG RAGE!

This is the story of me in search of a new rug for our nursery. In my mind, all I wanted was a grass green rug. Just a reminder that we are going for a 'sunny day' theme... complete with sky blue walls, yellow ceiling fan, red & white gingham curtains (imagine a picnic), and lots of bicycles. So this means grass green rug, right?

Then there was a bedding dilemma, which lead to me giving up on the whole "let's do bicycle-themed bedding", to me deciding "hey this is silly, let's go with something simple and affordable"... goodbye Etsy, hello Target! That's where we met Mod Dots, which ties all these random colors of blue, red, yellow, and green together, and provides the glue that holds this whole room together.

Awesome, a circle pattern that also included brown and grey, that would essentially allow for me to use my other fave fabrics...

Chevron for the glider:

And "wheels on the bike" for the changing pad cover:

With all the circles, I thought "hey, let's go with a round rug!" And that's when I found the perfect rug. It was on, and it was the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect color, and a great price!

Exhibit A - Manhattan Green Area Rug (6' Round):

Until they sent me the WRONG rug. It is brown and green. Meaning there are just as many brown threads as there are green ones.

Exhibit B - Manhattan Tweed Green/ Brown Shag Rug (8' Round):

I guess they thought they were doing me a favor with the 2 extra feet, but it's dark and ugly, and so-not-nursery-worthy! So, we returned it, and went back to the website to see if it were possible for them to just SEND US THE RIGHT RUG... and it is "out of stock". Are you kidding me?

I failed to mention that I only found this particular (perfect) rug after hours of searching online. And once I found it, you wouldn't believe the research I did to make sure the "soft polypropylene construction" would be safely suited for a baby to lay on. We don't want any foreign, dangerous materials in there! Ugh. Back to the drawing board. 

It's at this point that I give up on finding the round rug. There are no other round rugs that exist in the universe that compare to my first Manhattan green love. And here's where old, reliable Target comes into play. And it's now that my mom & sister join in on the fun. They happen to be shopping at Target one day, and after several text messages, a few emails, and even some phone calls, there are several options put forth. And I rushed out to Target and bought this...

Which did not work. It clashed with the pale blue walls, and just did not go with the Mod Dots fabric. Too light, and not enough umph! And it's just now that I'm realizing that this next one is probably the one that my mom was steering me towards...

However, I didn't see this one (although I'm going to look for it when I return the other one)! These rugs are both a little on the small side at 4' x 5.5', and the price although good, ranging from $49 to $65, they seem cheap, and almost like over-sized bathmats. 

The one I really wanted from Target was this one...

But as you can see it is "No Longer Available For Purchase". Wow.

That's when I discovered this one on The Land of Nod

It's called the "Sweater on the Floor" rug, appropriately so, since it's 100% cotton cable-knit. I love the color, I love the price, and the only concern I have is the size. At 4'x6', it's still on the small side, but it's ordered. So now we wait. And we cross our fingers and our toes and our legs that this is the PERFECT rug.  It seems to match the Mod Dots too...

If it is not the PERFECT rug though, there is a 5x7 rug waiting in the wings that my mom found the other day that could be the next contender. Looks just like grass she says, and is soft and comfortable to boot.

I'm also "watching" about 5 rugs on ebay, as well! To be continued...

Am I crazy? Should I care this much about something that I'm going to walk all over anyway? Ah, the terrible curse of being a designer! 


  1. hahaha! You are too funny! I am hoping this one will work! I know that is so frustrating when your mind is set and then the outcome is not what you had planned. ...I have loved catching up on your life happenings these past few weeks! That shower was SO sweet! And so stinking cute! I love the nursery so far, starting with the framed announcement- perfection! I can't wait to see the whole thing in person! Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Thanks Heather! We may have a winner when it comes to the rug! It's a little small, but I really like the texture and color, so just might be IT! Hope to see you and Matt soon!!