Saturday, August 18, 2012


Brian has had a glider for years (way before we met), and now that we are expecting a baby in the near future, it will come in handy for the nursery! Sorry for the cell phone 'before' pic...

The problem was that it was a rough, scratchy tan material, that wasn't the most fun "look" for the room, but his sister Tora recommended their (Sanders Furniture Store's) upholsterer recover the cushions. She suggested picking out a fabric that we liked, and then sending the fabric and cushions back to Georgia to be redone.

The first step was finding a fabric that we liked, and with all the other colors and fabrics in the room, my choice was to go with a grey and white chevron pattern. It's light and playful (and all the rage now), but something that I love. There is a local store in town, Not Just Fabrics, where we stopped in one day. And although they do carry it, because of it's popularity they were sold out! So we ordered about 3 yards, so we'd have plenty for the chair and hopefully some leftover for other projects in the room, and waited for it to come in. The good thing is that the week it arrived, was a week that Brian's dad & stepmom were coming to visit, so they were able to carry it back to Georgia for the upholsterer!

And an even greater surprise was that it's already done, and was brought back to Charleston this weekend by Sheila who works at the furniture store (and happened to be coming to visit friends in the area for the weekend)! So here it is, all finished!

I LOVE it! So cheery!

You may or may not notice the location of the chair has changed, as we rearranged furniture this weekend, and determined that space wasn't allowing for our original plan. The new arrangement will work out just fine though!

The only missing piece of furniture at the moment is the crib, which should be in soon. And it seems the rug is still up for debate! Stay tuned...

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