Sunday, August 26, 2012

rug finaliza[tion]

Ok, so you may remember the rug rage that I put forth here. And since that post several things have happened...

I bought a rug from The Land of Nod.

It's called "Sweater on the Floor" in green. It is 4 ft x 6 ft. And I loved it. I thought the color was perfect. However, the size was not. As seen evidenced below.

Way too small.

Several folks tried to help. Sending links, and offering other solutions, but I thought I had found "the one", alas it was not. I appreciated all the advice, but in the end, I couldn't bare the thought of ordering yet another rug, only to be disappointed in the end. I truly wanted to go into a store and be blown away by something.

Somehow I knew that IKEA would come through for me. From the start, I scoured their website, realizing that it was a shot in the dark, and that I would have to wait until I could make the 3-hour drive to Charlotte (the closest IKEA to us, ridiculous!) to see for myself. That's exactly what I did this weekend. I convinced my mom to spend the day with me at what I consider my all-time favorite store of all time. She had never been there, so was up for the challenge, and I believe she shares the love!

In browsing the rugs, we came across the Hampen...

Not only is it a great color and a good texture, it is 5'-3" x 7'-7", and was only $79.99! Awesome! And at that price, I couldn't leave the store without it. After text messaging back and forth with Brian, it was determined that it was a winner.

Here's a shot of it in the room.

We may rotate it, but waiting on the crib, so that all the furniture is in the room to see how it best fits. Here is a close-up, and then a close-up of Theo who was curious why I was laying on the floor taking photos of the rug.  

And a shot of me at 29 weeks! Everything is going well. Lots of moving around from the little gal! I had my 3-hour glucose test this past Friday and should find out the results in the next few days.

Sundays are the worst days for me to take photos, since I usually don't leave the house, and I look so rough! Oh well, just focus on the belly!

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