Friday, September 28, 2012

Charleston Shower celebra[tion]

Three of my awesome friends hosted a shower for me this past weekend (Week 33), and it was great! All three of them are designers, and no detail was left undone. Starting with the invitations...

Upon arrival, the theme started at the front door with flowers and graphic symbols of our life as part of the arrangement (more on this in a minute).

Entering the house is where these same symbols popped back up again.... starting with the Clemson paw, then the tandem bicycle,  a mini cooper (which was my fave), the egg in the nest, and an owl, all in the signature pink and brown to match the theme of the party!

Here are few photos closer up once I was home...

Clearly the theme was nesting with birds and eggs galore! The food reflected it as well, with butterscotch bird's nests, bird's nest cupcakes, as well as egg decor...

The funniest part of the day was that one of the hosts Ryan and I wore the same dress! But what's even stranger is that I had only just bought it a few days earlier, and she didn't know that I even owned it, but suspected that I would show up in it. The girl must be telepathic!

Here's a shot of the full spread...

And more of the exciting food...

 And socializing!

There was also lots of present opening, which you'll see all of those gifts a little later!

During which time, everyone was asked to fill out a little card with their advice for me. My personal favorite was from my mom...

And then there were games... 

The first 'game' was for me to list names using the first 10 letters of the alphabet. And just so you know, even though most of the names on this list are family names, none of them are the one we are going with! At least not that I know of! Everyone else had to do the same exercise, and whoever had the most names the same as mine won a prize! The second game was somewhat tougher. You can see I struggled, getting only 5 right. You were given a term that goes with pregnancy, and you had to come up with a candy that described it. The easiest was probably Twix for twins. I still think that breastfeeding should have been Mounds, but alas it was Milky Way.

Brian was taken care of by our friend Jeff, since Katie was hosting the shower at their house, he was forced out, so he and Brian went to a car show out on Daniel Island, and then met up with a friend for the Steelers game at a local bar. Of course when we got home, I had to share all the incredible gifts that our friends showered us with! So here goes... 

bath stuff, including towels, washcloths, and toys
bottles, brushes, drying rack, bottle warmer, teething rings, pacifiers, and labels

burp clothes, lovey, mattress pad, and swaddle
toys, bike baskets for storage, dvd, book, car stuff including the mirror and car seat toy
bath wash, lotion, baby oil, and q-tips
bloomers, hair bows, and Moby wrap
and some of the most precious clothes ever!
Other gifts not pictured are a rose bush from my friend Sarah, who was so thoughtful including something for me along with the toy she bought for the baby. Our friend Misty who wasn't able to make it to the par-tay, got us our Diaper Genie. And last, but absolutely not least, my mom bought us our color video baby monitor! What a huge surprise! It's fully charged and tested, and ready to go!

Overall, what a great day! So exciting to stock the nursery and feel one step closer to having everything ready for Baby Sanders!! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it!! And a special thank you to Katie, Mary Mac, and Ryan who all went overboard on making this pregnant girl feel extra special!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Leaving LA with a long, strange trip ahead. 

So, like most things in my life, I'm running late on this... this post is fortunately only about a week overdue, but important enough to write regardless! Last Monday, was my 5-year anniversary at my current job! Why is this such a big deal? Because I relocated to Charleston from Los Angeles to take this job, and it was a way of coming home for me... I needed to be closer to family after being away for a few + years. The same week that I moved to Charleston and started my 'new' job, I bought my first property (a condo), and I met the man I was going to marry (although I didn't realize that at the time)!

The job was so important to the path my life took because the boy that I fell in love with worked there as well! Without the job, I might not have met the man! So looking back at the past five years, we've met, fallen in love, gotten married, sold a house, moved into a rental, bought a house, renovated, and are now 7 weeks from parenthood!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that never in a million years did I think 5 years ago that by accepting this position, it would have changed my life so drastically. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Ironically that 5-year mark also became the time when our lives changed again, and my dear husband moved on to another job across town. (Not because of me, at least I don't think so!) He was approaching 9 years at the office, and just really needed a change, something to jump-start his creativity, and I certainly believe he found it! Even though the car is a little lonelier in the mornings & evenings, and he's not sitting across the room from me all day, and we don't have our daily lunch dates, I know that he's in a happier place, and that makes me happy. However, I must admit that this has been a big adjustment for an emotional, 7-1/2 months pregnant wife! Looking forward to what the next 5 years will bring!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I pulled through the McDonald's drive-thru today to get a drink, and when I saw this sign I thought it might be dangerous to the last 7-1/2 weeks of my pregnancy. I've been craving pumpkin everything, which I think stems from all the pumpkin beer we had last fall. However, pumpkin beer, this is not.

Yes, I gave in to the temptation, and went for the new, just-released-today, but-only-for-a-limited-time pumpkin shake that McDonald's is offering. Although it was good, I don't think I have to worry about a habit forming any time soon. It was a little weird and on the heavy side. Next time I'll stick with my usual... chocolate. May have to try that pumpkin pie though! Oh, and Krispy Kremes new pumpkin donut they are advertising... yum!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


At least we hope there will be some sleeping!

The final piece of furniture for the nursery is in place! We drove down to Georgia to get the crib this weekend from Sanders Furniture Company in Monroe. It's Brian's family's furniture business, and they were gracious enough to give us a crib for little miss Baby Sanders who will be arriving in less than 9 weeks! The Explorer was loaded down with the boxed up crib, a new mattress, and several bags of hand-me-downs from the cousins (thanks again, Kathryn!). It was dark by the time we got home, so I didn't get a photo of the packed car, but here's the bed once we got it inside...

Even though it was after 9pm or so, Brian got right to work (I guess he was as anxious as I was to see it put together).

He claimed it was pretty easy to assemble, and it must have been because it only took about an hour before we had a fully functional crib!

He also claims that it's sturdy enough that one of us could even sleep in it! Haha...

We still have a few more things to move out of the room though, including that desk in the corner. Thankfully my aunt will be taking that in a couple of weeks! Just ready to have the room clear of everything, so we can finally finish decorating in there. It's definitely coming along though!

We had a great time in Georgia, starting with the trip down, where I played around with Instagram for the first time (I know I'm late to the game, but did it just become available to Droids?)...

We had dinner with Charles and Veronica on Friday night. Then Saturday morning we were able to see our niece Graham's first soccer game of the season, we hung out at the furniture store for a while, having lunch with the family, then Brian and I scoured a few of the local antique stores, where I came across the most precious baby hat ever. It's a hand-knitted pumpkin by Bee Haus Designs at Hodge Podge Art, Antiques, & Interiors. Just perfect for our little November baby!

Once we walked miles of antique malls, we went back to the furniture store to load the crib! After a quick nap, we made it out to the farm for dinner with William, Kathryn, Kristie, and Daniel, while all the kids built forts upstairs, and modeled the latest trends in princess-wear.

Sunday morning was quiet, and we were able to spend a little more time with Kathryn and the kids before we left. Because we were taking off from Monroe a little earlier than usual, we took a detour through Athens to eat at Last Resort Grille, and window shop downtown, getting a brief glimpse of the UGA campus from the fringes. All in all, it was a relaxing weekend, but still too short!

These will serve as my 'weekly photo' for 31 weeks. And here's one more just for fun... one of the largest La-Z-Boys I've ever seen...

Monday, September 10, 2012


I want to preface this by saying that I LOVE being pregnant, and most people (I won't name which particular family member is known to be insulting sometimes) have been genuinely awesome and nice, repeatedly telling me how great I look! Until now.

So it finally happened today, an insulting comment from a clueless stranger, a woman who has clearly never been pregnant. I stopped at Earthfare this morning to pick up an orange juice, since we were out at home (and while I was there I splurged and got a cheese danish, which after the conversation below, I almost couldn't eat it. Almost.). The only reason I really stopped to begin with was that I figured I'd try to make myself feel better since I no longer have a carpool buddy. The conversation went something like this...

cashier: Wow, you must be due any day now!
me (clearly anticipating the backlash): No, not until November...
cashier: Well, are you sure it's just one, there may be two in there!
me (annoyed): No, we are pretty certain it's just one.
cashier: That must be one BIG baby!!

Thanks, lady.... you just made my Monday even worse than it was already shaping up to be. Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 weeks 2 days

We are feeling quite accomplished after the past few days, mainly because Brian and I had a pretty busy day last Friday. We started the afternoon meeting our future pediatrician. He had been recommended to us by a couple of friends who take their babies to him, so we had set up a "meet & greet" with no expectations of what the outcome would be, however in the end we left with a new doctor, so it was a relief to be able to check that off the list!

Once we had a pediatrician, it seemed the next major item to tackle was daycare. We had several places recommended to us, and in the end found "the one". We signed on the dotted line today, since we were a little nervous that they may run out of room before we confirmed. We are definitely glad we shopped around, and happy to know that we have a clean, nice, inspiring place to take the baby to once she's here!

So those were a couple of things we'd been putting off, and finally jumped in and did. At 30 weeks, I feel like we were a little late to the game, but at least it's done now!

30 weeks! Eek, that means 10 weeks (or less) left... yikes!

I'm taking a new approach to the weekly photos, and having Brian take my picture as we head out the door to work on Monday morning (in this case Tuesday, Happy Labor Day). I'm hoping that moving them outside will help, and first thing in the morning before the hair is pulled back and the makeup is worn off! Although this still isn't all that flattering! Note to self, we should be at the same height, not me three steps above him. Oh well.

We did manage to get a few more things done in the nursery over the long weekend, mainly dealing with lighting. I had wanted another lamp for beside the glider, and also wanted to paint the ceiling fan blades a nice shade of yellow to emulate the sun for our "outdoor theme". Brian took care of the fan blades yesterday, and it is so cheery in there! And we found a lamp at World Market today, that I'm quite excited about!

It's just the base, since we were able to use a shade that we already had. I know owls are so cliche, but it's definitely an obsession that I've had for a while now, long before owls were all the rage. Oh well, I love them, so it's ok that this is the new fad. It's really in honor of my Mawmaw, who collected owls her whole life, and when she passed away, I guess I kind of took up where she left off. To see more owls around the house, check out this post and then this post.