Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 weeks 2 days

We are feeling quite accomplished after the past few days, mainly because Brian and I had a pretty busy day last Friday. We started the afternoon meeting our future pediatrician. He had been recommended to us by a couple of friends who take their babies to him, so we had set up a "meet & greet" with no expectations of what the outcome would be, however in the end we left with a new doctor, so it was a relief to be able to check that off the list!

Once we had a pediatrician, it seemed the next major item to tackle was daycare. We had several places recommended to us, and in the end found "the one". We signed on the dotted line today, since we were a little nervous that they may run out of room before we confirmed. We are definitely glad we shopped around, and happy to know that we have a clean, nice, inspiring place to take the baby to once she's here!

So those were a couple of things we'd been putting off, and finally jumped in and did. At 30 weeks, I feel like we were a little late to the game, but at least it's done now!

30 weeks! Eek, that means 10 weeks (or less) left... yikes!

I'm taking a new approach to the weekly photos, and having Brian take my picture as we head out the door to work on Monday morning (in this case Tuesday, Happy Labor Day). I'm hoping that moving them outside will help, and first thing in the morning before the hair is pulled back and the makeup is worn off! Although this still isn't all that flattering! Note to self, we should be at the same height, not me three steps above him. Oh well.

We did manage to get a few more things done in the nursery over the long weekend, mainly dealing with lighting. I had wanted another lamp for beside the glider, and also wanted to paint the ceiling fan blades a nice shade of yellow to emulate the sun for our "outdoor theme". Brian took care of the fan blades yesterday, and it is so cheery in there! And we found a lamp at World Market today, that I'm quite excited about!

It's just the base, since we were able to use a shade that we already had. I know owls are so cliche, but it's definitely an obsession that I've had for a while now, long before owls were all the rage. Oh well, I love them, so it's ok that this is the new fad. It's really in honor of my Mawmaw, who collected owls her whole life, and when she passed away, I guess I kind of took up where she left off. To see more owls around the house, check out this post and then this post.

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